Feeding The Machine

I love to have FUN and I really love to LAUGH. I like to surround myself with POSITIVE words, POSITIVE people and POSITIVE messages. I am a firm believer in the transforming power of LOVE, KINDNESS and COMPASSION. I am not perfect but I live to the best of my ability.

I have a deep concern for the horrible things happening in the world that involve injustice, violence, betrayal and cruelty. I struggle with understanding it, knowing it is out there. I am GRATEFUL for the people in the world who are PASSIONATE about creating change.

What I can’t wrap my brain around is why society feels it’s necessary to be needlessly mean. There are plenty of examples in the media both past and present, but I will use Whitney Houston to make my point.

When she passed away I was truly disgusted at some of the things I witnessed. Whitney Houston was a beautiful singer with enormous talent and yet her addiction was made into a joke. It’s SAD not FUNNY that she ended up involved in a lifestyle that was obviously difficult to overcome. It’s TRAGIC she didn’t see her value and worth, losing herSELF along the way.

I see her as a broken person who was in an enormous amount of pain.

Are we, the society that purchases tabloid magazines, shares social media photos with insulting and cruel tag lines and watching gossip shows that continue to degrade, criticize and judge indirectly responsible for her decline? Didn’t we in a sense, contribute to her demise by contributing to the negativity directed towards her?

Someone bought those magazines!

Someone watched those celebrity gossip shows!

Aren’t we pushing more thoughts of shame, guilt, unworthiness and low self esteem into her brain? Maybe she already thought those things about herself, but we continued to confirm it by feeding into the machine.

It takes an extremely strong and grounded person to rise above such negativity; who are we to judge? Do we know her inner most thoughts? Did we live her struggles? Her pain? Was every choice, lesson and consequence we made documented publicly for the world to see?


We should not judge anyone’s journey because we have not lived their life or experienced their struggles, pain or inner demons. The greatest thing we can do for our world is share KINDNESS, COMPASSION, EMPATHY and a LOVING HEART.

There is a way to disagree with someone’s behavior and still be RESPECTFUL.

Why do we insist on pushing someone off their pedestal, when we were the ones to put them there in the first place?

Rich, poor, ‘privileged’, talented, celebrity, or transient…we all FEEL the same feelings. We all SHARE in the world of emotions ranging from deep sadness to pure joy. We all understand disappointment and frustration. We’ve been affected by LOVE and ANGER. We’ve experienced doubt, unworthiness or loneliness. We’ve tasted betrayal. We’ve shared or will share in grief.

We all screw up. We all have lessons to learn.

We are human beings.

It’s about CHOICES. Be an active SUPPORTER of the human race. Join me in a world of RESPECT, LOVE and KINDNESS.

It starts with YOU.

It starts with ME.


With a smile,



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