How To Train For A Marathon In 7 Days


If you have never run in your life, I have such a great program for you! I guarantee you will be able to run a marathon within one week! Yes, YOU can do it! You will cross the finish line with a smile on your face and still get home in time for breakfast!

You will hardly have to train, sweat or reorganize your schedule to be able to succeed at something others work months and years to achieve. You will be able to look at your medal and feel such an accomplishment for all you’ve done in such a short amount of time!

It’s such an incredible program. I’m really excited to share it with you. Are you ready to learn the SECRET behind this innovative, remarkable life-changing plan?

Here’s the first step:


Pardon my language but it’s TOTALLY RIDICULOUS so why are we still buying into the fad diets or the headlines in magazines that state: “Have a flat stomach in 21 days” or “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days”?

It’s not realistic. IT’S NOT REAL!

Let’s take the diet example. You will definitely lose…

You’ll lose your PERSONALITY and ENERGY because you’ve only been consuming cabbage and lemon rinds for 10 days. You may also lose your FRIENDS because you are so IRRITABLE due to your body missing the necessary nutrients it needs to work properly. You’ll lose your keys or work assignment because your mind isn’t functioning properly and you’ll lose HOPE because you may lose the weight for a few weeks or months but it is NOT sustainable and you’ll gain it back and then some more.

Whether it’s losing weight, training for a marathon (or half marathon, 10k, 5k etc) or reaching any sort of fitness goal (or any goal for that matter), it takes COMMITMENT, HARD WORK, SACRIFICES and TIME. There are no fast tracks to any long lasting, truly celebratory goals.

Don’t ingest the garbage that advertisers like to feed you, setting you up for FAILURE and leading you to feel even worse about yourself.

Find a nutritionist, trainer, dietitian or health expert. Talk to your doctor; listen to the experts not a publication that wants you to believe in something that merely sells magazines.

Okay, that’s my little rant for the day. MAKE HEALTHY LIVING A LIFESTYLE NOT A FAD. Take it one day at a time.

Have a great weekend; see you on Tuesday!

With a smile,



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