Food Matters in Mental Health

I love my juicer. In this particular photo I juiced kale, apples, celery, parsley, fresh ginger, spinach, carrots and cucumber. This is a regular occurrence in my kitchen and I literally feel my body get happy after drinking it.

When a friend suggested I watch the film “Food Matters” I decided to take a look, having disregarded the film in the past thinking:

“Eh, I eat really well, I don’t need to watch that.”


It’s fascinating and thought-provoking. They cover a lot of areas but what really interested me was the correlation between nutrition and MENTAL HEALTH.

In the documentary, Charlotte Gerson, from the Gerson Institute talks about the depletion of our soils. If our soils are deficient, then the food we eat is deficient, making our bodies deficient.

Andrew W. Saul PhD speaks a lot about VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS. In the beginning he talks about prescription drugs for various illnesses and disease stating:

In ONE YEAR, 106,000 people in the USA die from prescription drug side effects that are EXPECTED (stated on the bottle). These numbers do not include misuse.

In 23 years that equates to 2.4 million deaths due to subscribed prescription drugs.

He then states the deaths from vitamins:

10 deaths alleged to be caused by vitamins in 23 years.

Hmmm, why are we so afraid to increase the amount of our vitamin supplements, especially if our food is deficient?

But there is speculation; for example, how can Vitamin C be good for all of the following:

  • Anti toxin
  • Anti histamine
  • Anti viral
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Helps elevate mood in people that are DEPRESSED

They reply the reason the vitamin can help cure or avoid so many illnesses is because a deficiency of one vitamin can cause many illnesses.

Another very interesting point:

We think it’s the VITAMIN that does the healing but in actuality the vitamin is aiding the BODY to HEAL itself.

Bill W., founder of Alcoholics Anonymous suffered with DEPRESSION. He went to see Dr. Abram Hoffer who suggested he take 3000 mg of Niacin (Vitamin B3). Bill W followed his advice and as a result his depression lifted.

A woman in her 50’s sat in the corner with severe depression completely uncommunicative with her family. She was seeing a psychiatrist and was on various medications but her family wanted to investigate NUTRITIONAL THERAPY. They gave her 11,500 mg of Niacin and it completely changed this woman’s life. The family went back to the psychiatrist who said:

“That much Niacin could be harmful.”

The family stopped giving it to her and she ended up back in the corner as before.

Safety of Niacin? Apparently, not one death has been linked to Niacin / year.

Psychiatry, counselling etc is obviously important but you can’t get anywhere if the brain is hungry, starved or poisoned. It must be nourished.

I decided to look up Orthomolecular psychiatry and this paragraph stuck out for me:

“The proper functioning of the mind is known to require the presence in the brain of molecules of many different substances. For example, mental disease, usually associated with physical disease, results from a low concentration in the brain of any one of the following vitamins: thiamine (B1), nicotinic acid or nicotinamide (B3), pyridoxine (B6), cyanocobalamin (B12), biotin (H), ascorbic acid (C), and folic acid. There is evidence that mental function and behavior are also affected by changes in the concentration in the brain of any of a number of other substances that are normally present, such as L(+)-glutamic acid, uric acid, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (6).” ~ Linus Pauling PhD

I have visited people in the hospital due to mental health reasons and we all know hospital food is abysmal so the nutritional value is minimal if not, dare I say, toxic. People are not receiving the BRAIN FOOD they need to get better. It’s a huge issue. They are given a supplement but in low doses.

The film suggests there is far more evidence of harm from leading a sedentary life, eating processed, fried, fatty food and ingesting drugs and chemicals than incorporating exercise and eating raw, nutritious fruits and vegetables, ingesting ‘super foods’ and increasing your vitamin supplements.







I am not suggesting you stop taking your medication and start eating more carrots. Do some reading; ask your doctor questions; go to a nutritionist; join a fitness group, take up yoga, look into holistic methods; take an interest in your body, your mind and your health.

I believe mental and emotional wellness requires a whole spectrum of things, not just one or two.

Our bodies are complicated and they come with a lot of questions but I also think they come with answers.

Have a fabulous long weekend and I will see you on Tuesday!

With a smile,


PS. I watched the film on Netflix.


How To Train For A Marathon In 7 Days


If you have never run in your life, I have such a great program for you! I guarantee you will be able to run a marathon within one week! Yes, YOU can do it! You will cross the finish line with a smile on your face and still get home in time for breakfast!

You will hardly have to train, sweat or reorganize your schedule to be able to succeed at something others work months and years to achieve. You will be able to look at your medal and feel such an accomplishment for all you’ve done in such a short amount of time!

It’s such an incredible program. I’m really excited to share it with you. Are you ready to learn the SECRET behind this innovative, remarkable life-changing plan?

Here’s the first step:


Pardon my language but it’s TOTALLY RIDICULOUS so why are we still buying into the fad diets or the headlines in magazines that state: “Have a flat stomach in 21 days” or “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days”?

It’s not realistic. IT’S NOT REAL!

Let’s take the diet example. You will definitely lose…

You’ll lose your PERSONALITY and ENERGY because you’ve only been consuming cabbage and lemon rinds for 10 days. You may also lose your FRIENDS because you are so IRRITABLE due to your body missing the necessary nutrients it needs to work properly. You’ll lose your keys or work assignment because your mind isn’t functioning properly and you’ll lose HOPE because you may lose the weight for a few weeks or months but it is NOT sustainable and you’ll gain it back and then some more.

Whether it’s losing weight, training for a marathon (or half marathon, 10k, 5k etc) or reaching any sort of fitness goal (or any goal for that matter), it takes COMMITMENT, HARD WORK, SACRIFICES and TIME. There are no fast tracks to any long lasting, truly celebratory goals.

Don’t ingest the garbage that advertisers like to feed you, setting you up for FAILURE and leading you to feel even worse about yourself.

Find a nutritionist, trainer, dietitian or health expert. Talk to your doctor; listen to the experts not a publication that wants you to believe in something that merely sells magazines.

Okay, that’s my little rant for the day. MAKE HEALTHY LIVING A LIFESTYLE NOT A FAD. Take it one day at a time.

Have a great weekend; see you on Tuesday!

With a smile,



Why I Love the Elliptical Machine

I needed to switch up my exercise routine so since my condominium has a gym, I thought I should take advantage of the equipment.

Here are 5 reasons why I LOVE the Elliptical Machine (who I will fondly call EM):

1. I can literally step on the equipment before I’m even fully awake, grab onto the handles, close my eyes and work out. Yes, I’m exercising in my sleep. (What a ridiculous statement, but sadly true! LOL) I definitely don’t recommend doing this on the treadmill…let’s just say I’ve tried…haha

2. Because both EM and I know that I’m not literally getting anywhere, I also close my eyes and imagine myself climbing the Grouse Grind on a sunny day or absorbing the beauty of Machu Picchu…you can literally transport yourself anywhere in the world and it makes for an inspiring and beautiful workout!

3. Because I can go anywhere in my mind, I also think of people I love and care about…I think about conversations we’ve had or memories we’ve made. I think about what I love about them, how I miss them and I like to think when I do that, at some point I’ll cross their mind and they’ll smile, wondering why I just popped into their head at that particular moment. It’s fun and it warms my heart.

4. I am lucky EM is so patient with me. Once I’ve woken up, I move to other equipment and come back to ‘him’ for another, more intense round. I focus on my muscles feeling them contract and release, contract and release…it’s melodic in a way and becomes a form of meditation. It is now when I focus on my DREAMS, GOALS and anything that needs SELF CARE and AWARENESS. This is when I’ll push hard, loving the feeling of being strong both physically and emotionally/mentally.

5. I find EM gives me a great outlet for my cardio in between my running days. I remember trying EM years ago and hating “him’…I was so bored but I was a different person then…today I realize your workouts are what you make them…and since you have a whole world of thoughts in your head, why not make them good ones!

Switching things up so you don’t get bored is important so make sure you try new things so you don’t lose your momentum. I know EM will welcome you with open arms…even if you are super tired, grumpy and angry at the world…EM will be your friend.

See you on Tuesday!

With a smile,



Am I A “Real” Runner?

When I was in elementary school and it was time for PE, I stood in a long line as the teacher chose two team captains. These team captains (my peers in school) now decided who was on their team by picking from this line of kids…

I hated this process.

I was the kid who was chosen last or second to last and it sucked. No one likes rejection or the obvious fact pointed out in front of everyone else that you are, in fact, terrible at sports.

When I embarked on my exercise journey at the age of 39 I chose jogging because it was cheap and I could do it alone. I started with old running shoes (not recommended) and whatever clothing I had in my closet that somewhat resembled workout gear.

Initially I thought if I didn’t run the entire time I was not considered a ‘real’ runner. If I walked, I thought I was a failure.

This is rubbish.

I like intervals of running 8 minutes and walking 2 minutes. With this method, I ran 40k on my 40th birthday and the full marathon (42k) on my 42nd birthday. It works for me.

Many runners know how fast they can run a certain distance. I have no idea how fast or slow I run 10k or any other distance.

I don’t have a personal best time for my running events…I measure PBT with who I’m with and how I’m physically feeling…what’s the weather like…did I laugh? What’s the scenery? Did I talk to people and say hello? That’s my personal best time. I realize other’s like to challenge themselves with PBT and that’s a personal choice I respect because there are no rules!

Some find it offensive if they are referred to as ‘joggers’ instead of ‘runners’.

I have a friend who refers to his running as ‘plodding’. I personally think he’s a far better athlete than what he gives himself credit for (he runs half marathons)…but if he wants to call it plodding…so be it…as far as I am concerned he is a runner…a jogger…a plodder…HE IS OUT THERE DOING IT AND THAT IS WHAT COUNTS.

If I wear cotton sometimes (and I do)…does that make me any less of a runner?

If I don’t have a proper sports bra (don’t get me started on those things) and actually wear two bras to get the support I’m looking for am I an embarrassment to the runners of the world?

What if I don’t have a Garmin?!

Do my personal choices mean my running accomplishments aren’t as significant?


When I compare mySELF to who I was before I ran and who I am NOW…

I am a BETTER person.

I am a HAPPIER person.

I may not be the fastest, fanciest, smartest, sveltest runner on the seawall…but I am a thousand times better than I was and I continue to enjoy the art of running…the exploration of my capabilities and challenging my physicality…the meditation of the road…the silence of the trails…the absolute JOY running with others…and the continual self knowledge and self awareness jogging, running, plodding, walking, MOVING has given me.

  • CELEBRATE getting off the couch, putting on your workout gear and getting out the door!
  • CELEBRATE challenging yourself, having fun and getting exercise in some way.
  • CELEBRATE your accomplishments.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend full of fresh air and FUN!

With a smile,



31 Days of JOY!

Jog4Joy presented by Wells Fargo and in partnership with The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation is 31 days away and WE ARE EXCITED!

Lots will be happening this coming month but if you want to be involved in the JOYFUL energy, here are a few things you can do:

  1. REGISTER TODAY! This is a JOYFUL event for a serious issue so it’s a great way to SUPPORT a family member, friend or co-worker who may be struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues.
  2. REGISTER A TEAM! This is such a FUN way to bring people together, doing something healthy AND supporting such a great cause! We like a little friendly competition so what group will have the biggest team? Who will create an awesome way to inspire and empower others to BELIEVE?
  3. SPONSOR A PARTICIPANT! If you can’t make the event yourself we’ve made it so you can still be involved! You have the option to SPONSOR someone else so they can participate. SHARE the experience with someone who needs it; sponsor a participant today!
  4. VOLUNTEER! We welcome volunteers with open arms! We are looking for people to volunteer NOW and the day of the event. Please contact Tina for more information:
  5. SPREAD THE WORD! We like to have a lot of FUN at Jog4Joy so it’s easy for us to talk about this event. We talk to our family, friends, co-workers, Facebook contacts, LinkedIn, Twitter, grocery clerks, Starbucks baristas, doctor, chiropractors…you name it, we’ve talked to them! Fun event. Great cause! SPREAD THE WORD!

Mental health needs to be a PRIORITY because it affects ALL areas of your life: finances, career, relationships, physical health and quality of life.

YOUTH are especially affected and this year we’ve partnered with The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation. We were deeply touched by their story and their incredible determination to make a difference in the mental health forum, specifically focusing on depression and depression related illnesses in YOUTH.

Depression and anxiety in YOUTH is going up, not down so we want to reach out, support and offer other options for these kids and families who struggle.

This year’s theme is BELIEVE. Believe in HOPE. Believe in yourSELF. Believe you are worth the fight!

Jog4Joy welcomes you to join us as we walk, talk, jog, run, laugh, and play to raise awareness for mental and emotional wellness. Your registration fee helps The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation. Your presence at the event empowers others by giving a voice to those who may suffer in silence.


Looking forward to seeing all your lovely faces October 14th!
With a smile,