It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

How many teenage girls need to be sexually assaulted or raped before we start to educate our teenage boys?

How many teenage girls need to then be further DEMORALIZED, HUMILIATED and DEGRADED by photos and slanderous talk through social media and texting by BOTH genders?

How many teenage girls need to SUFFER with severe depression, anxiety, eating disorders, cutting and post traumatic stress disorder because they feel so HOPELESS, ANGRY, FEARFUL, TRAUMATIZED and DEGRADED? For them it becomes impossible to see past the pain and bullying. Death is the only option they see to end the endless reminder because as we all know, the internet is infinite. Once your photo is online, it is out of your control.

Why is there such a complete disassociation of respect, empathy and compassion from their peers?

What are WE doing wrong? Where did they learn this from? How is it they have come to think this is acceptable behavior?

I am extremely disturbed at what appears to be our inability to teach our children how to treat each other with RESPECT, DIGNITY, LOVE and KINDNESS.

I do not have children of my own, but that does not make me any less responsible for the state of our younger generation. As far as I’m concerned it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a village to support and guide a child. It takes a village to LOVE a child.

As a community, as a society, we need to LEAD BY EXAMPLE and TEACH our children LOVE, RESPECT, KINDNESS TOWARDS OTHERS and COMPASSION.

Individuals, families, celebrities, organizations, clubs, businesses, large corporations, media, internet sites, advertising and the entertainment industry (television, film and gaming) need to be RESPONSIBLE for what MESSAGE they are sending our youth.

These teenage rapes leading to bullying leading to suicides are every single person’s responsibility.

We all know the court system is less than supportive towards victims of sexual crimes. When you are raped, sexually assaulted or molested it is not ‘only’ a crime towards your body. It goes profoundly deeper than that. It affects how you view yourSELF and how you view the world. IT CHANGES YOU. Everything you once believed in is no longer true because you question everything.

To then be a target for rumors, slanderous email and texts and photos passed around the internet just further solidifies the trauma and the shame the victim already feels. It turns inward and becomes even more magnified and damaging.

The ‘system’ is seriously flawed. Suspended or minimal sentences or community service for life altering trauma is APPALLING.

Guess what? WE are part of that failed system.

Look at the cause not the cure…what’s happening to our youth that they think it is ‘funny’ to rape someone? To laugh and take photos? How is it they are able to brag and post these photos online for anyone to see? To call the VICTIM a slut, whore or bitch? Why do they think it’s okay to taunt someone to death?


Our children need our help. We need to EDUCATE those who have not been taught core values of love, respect, kindness and compassion and we need to step up and PROTECT those who are being put into danger.

If you don’t think this is your problem, think again.

I am without words to properly articulate the sadness and sense of loss I feel for the families involved in these youth rape / bullying crimes that are leading to suicides. Although their stories are all over the news, I am choosing not to mention names because I recently read an article from the father of one victim stating he wants his daughter to be remembered for her kind and loving heart not her death.

I am respecting his wishes but I am NOT a quiet bystander. I will speak up. I will speak out. I will HONOR your children to the best of my ability by being a facilitator of change. JOIN ME.

My heart is with you and your loved ones.




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