Dating After 40: Do or Don't?

Lots of people get divorced and find new love with someone else. They might even have kids with their new partner and create a new family. It almost seems normal. But when you’re over 40, finding someone new is not as natural as when you are in your 20’s or 30’s. Websites like SeniorMatch can help middle aged people to find love again. You can read honest reviews of SeniorMatch here. But is dating still worth the effort? We think it is and want to give you a few reasons for that.

Life Experience

Older people have lots of life experience because of all the things that they’ve done, been through and encountered. The older you get, the more life experience you have. Both of you already had a previous relationship and possibly have kids who are close to adults. Maybe you’ve been on holidays or travelled a lot and have seen a lot of the world. And there are also other things like work, social contacts etc that made you who you are. Therefore, you have lots to offer to your partner and he or she has a lot to offer you. You’ll never be out of things to talk about or discuss.


No one is too old for companionship. A wild relationship as you and your partner had in the beginning is probably not what you’re searching for when you outgrown your younger self, but most people don’t like being alone for the rest of their life. It’s nice to have someone to get home to after work and do things with in the weekend. And when it’s time to retire, you’ll have time for travelling, hobbies and anything the two of you like to do. There is a whole chapter of your life still waiting for you to turn the pages.

40 is the new 30

People keep getting older and therefore the definition of middle aged is shifting. Your grandparents were considered old when they were in their 60’s, but now most people that age are relatively fit and healthy and still have a couple of good years ahead of them. Therefore, 40 is hardly an age to take it easy. Theoretically, you’re only half way through your life (lots of people are 80 or older) and you shouldn’t waste that time alone, unless that’s what you really want.

Dating Sites for Older People

On the internet, you can find lots of websites for people who are over 40 or 50. That proves that many middle aged people are looking for love and you’re not the only one who wants to start over. Finding new love is not always easy. Most people over 40 are already married, not looking for love or not present at bars, clubs or other places young people tend to find a date. Dating websites are a good alternative to find older people who are looking for love, same as you.

So dating at an older age or even old age is not uncommon and will start getting even more norml in the years to come.