THE Jog Blog – 5


Vancouver BC, Early Morning Jog

Tina’s Happy Place:  

Jogging along the ocean at high tide in the brilliant sun on a crisp November morning.

Tina’s Favorite Quote: 

I continue to be in love with jogging.  I feel so clear in my thoughts when I’m out there.  

Tina’s Favorite Quote (it’s a tie):  

I just kicked anxiety’s a**!  

Tina’s Challenge:  

The holiday’s are coming up.  Do you think you could commit to 3 days a week of some sort of exercise?  All you have to do is commit to a half hour each time.  I’m suggesting this NOW so you have a head start in the New Year.  I’m suggesting this NOW so you will have a way to handle the stress over the holidays.  It will be the greatest gift YOU give YOURSELF over the holidays, and in turn it will be a gift to others. 

Think about it…  

November 4, 2010 – DAY OF REST  

It’s my ‘day of rest’ with no jogging or cross training…it’s been a tough day.  I am now looking forward to tomorrow when I have to do a 6k plus cross training.  It’ll be good for my anxiety, which is higher than I’d like right now.  

November 5, 2010 – CROSS TRAINING AND 6K JOG  

Wow, what a difference cross training and jogging can do to your state of mind!  I just kicked anxiety’s ass!  I was so anxious yesterday…on a scale of 1-10, I was probably at a 6 (it’s never as high as it was when I was with my ex)…but much higher than I like. I was really looking forward to today because I knew the extra exercise would push me to a place I needed to go to…  

I can honestly say, I feel like I’ve come back to myself…anxiety seems to push its way inside of me and I get pushed outside of me…jogging does the opposite…jogging pushes out the worry, the pain, the fear and all that anxiety brings…jogging pushes it out, so I can climb back inside myself….my mood now is lighter, happier, hopeful and not weighed down with worry and fear.  I feel like I’m back to who I really am.  

November 6, 2010 – DAY OF REST  

November 7, 2010 – 10K JOG  

I was looking forward to today’s 10k jog but I was worried last night because it just poured and I wondered what I was going to wear since I still don’t have any rain gear.  I feel truly blessed that today the sun shone and the sky was a lovely shade of blue.  The seawall was busy but I jogged my 10k in basically an hour  

I continue to be in LOVE with JOGGING. I feel so clear in my thoughts when I’m out there.  

November 9, 2010 – CROSS TRAINING  

What a FUN cross training session.  I was scheduled to do a 6k jog with some hills but I looked outside and it was sooo miserable!  I looked at my training schedule that Jody from Leapfit created then I looked at the weather report (smart girl) and realized I could switch things around a little.   

Normally I don’t really have music on when I cross train, but today I rocked it.  I finished all my exercises and pushed myself a little more with the pushups and sit ups then I danced my butt off.  WHAT FUN!  I’m sure my neighbours thought I was crazy because I was laughing, dancing and having such a great time!   

What could have been a lousy, grey, cold, miserable day was a dancing, laughing, cross training “THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!” kind of morning.  

Life is good.  Life is really really good.  

November 10, 2010 – 8K JOG  

I had such an amazing jog this morning.  It was colder than I thought but the sun was shining so bright and the ocean was high. The mountains were tipped with bright white snow.  It was so beautiful that I jogged the entire 8k with a huge SMILE on my face. My calves were a little tight, I got a little tired but the beauty that was around me and the joy and love I felt, far outweighed anything else.  

Jogging is such a gift.  I feel incredibly happy and blessed right now.  

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