My Online Journey Begins…


Well, this is my first blog! I have to say, I am pretty darn excited. Who knew that a seemingly simple statement on my 39th birthday “I’m going to live my 40’s better than I lived my 30’s” only a year and a half ago would have me jogging 40k on my 40th birthday, running a ½ marathon 6 months later, bungee jumping, hiking the grouse grind, reuniting with family after 20 years of separation and living a more inspiring, happy life….and then blogging about it!

Because I took up jogging a year and a half ago I can without a doubt tell you that my life is more JOYFUL, BALANCED and HEALTHY (emotionally, mentally and physically) than ever before.

In 39 years I struggled almost daily with depression, anxiety, unhealthy relationships and poor life choices. Sure, I did some great stuff in my life by being a good teacher, good friend, sister, daughter but inside, I was sad and so terribly frustrated that I couldn’t reach the person I knew was inside trying so hard to get out. In my wildest dreams I never thought jogging would be my key to opening the door to who I really am. Why? Because I never exercised in my life! Seriously, I hated exercising. I wouldn’t swim, jog, hike, cycle or do anything that involved sweating and moving…it just didn’t interest me. I look at my life then and I look at it now and I am a completely different person…on the inside and therefore, on the outside too.

Anxiety and depression runs in my family so I know it well. What I didn’t realize was how much jogging would help me in those two areas. When I drag myself out of bed, put my running gear on, slowly tie up my shoes, procrastinate walking out the door I remember:

– Jogging helps my brain…I will feel better once I do this.–

And I always do. Always!

I spoke to a young woman the other day who also struggles with anxiety and she said that her doctor had recommended exercising…she felt encouraged to hear from a ‘normal’ person who had suffered in the past that exercise had indeed helped in that area. Yes, it can sometimes be the hardest thing to do because you are tired, sad, stuck…but if you can just get yourself out the door you will feel better.

I will share with you my personal journey….how I dealt with the toxic relationships, my reunion with family after 20 years, my father’s funeral, stress of money, my career, past pain, current joys, how I bungee jumped even though I am terrified of heights…I will share it all with you in the hopes you will find something, even if it’s a small little piece of something, that will inspire you, motivate you to live a better, more fulfilled happy life.

That is what I want for you and that is what you deserve. Together we’ll do it, one step at a time…

With a smile



  1. Ken Tanner says:

    Well I was inspired by Tina’s 40 km run for her 40th birthday. Tina and I were attending a seminar together last spring, and after she told her story I contemplated my own upcoming 60th birthday. My running days are past ( knees did not survive that last few years of basketball very well) but I keep up with other less punishing sports. But long distance stuff was not on my agenda – until I pondered Tina’s initiative.

    So I resolved to cycle 60 KM through the mountains for my 60th birthday. I trained for a couple of months at progressively increasing distances to about 30KM ( seriously – training is a relative term, mine was not to Lance Armstrong’s standards). Finally last weekend I took the plunge and did the full 60 – well turned out to be 68 in reality. Whistler to Squamish, a third on mountain trails, the rest along the 99 – mostly through the canyons and high passes. A thousand vertical meters and 68 km in total length. And I came through it well – no residual effects afterwards nor the day afterwards.

    So thanks Tina. Great initiative. The idea of a distance equivalent to one’s age was innovative and inspiring. Thanks.


    • Tina Moore says:

      Thanks Ken, I am so happy that you made the goal and reached the goal and celebrated the goal!!! Now, what to do for your next birthday…

  2. janice says:

    Hi Tina
    Excellent writing! I really enjoyed what you had to say and the way you presented it!
    You are amazing girl and full of courage and love!
    Keep up the awesome work, you may be surprised how many people you help!
    All the power, love, joy and light to you, you deserve it!
    Love and Hugs,

  3. Maddie says:

    Congratulations Tina! I’m so proud of you! You did something I cannot imagine doing myself, and now you’re using your story to inspire others. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

  4. prasan says:

    I read previously on various other forums,newspaper etc that exercise was good to combat Anxiety. I did give it a try did for some time and then gave up.I guess i thought that it would work like a pill instantaneous. You know how creative the mind can make stories, why you need not jog so I gave it all up.

    Currently i read some of you post on depression and anxiety it so resonated with me. There were places i felt you put the exact words to some of the emotions i went through so accurately. There were places i felt it was a mirror of my very own emotion struggle through depression and anxiety.

    All the articles I read did talk what are the benefits of jogging and how it would also benefit you mental health. But what got me with your blog was a personalized account of someone who suffered with anxiety and depression and how Jogging helped. This was really motivating so this has convinced me and induced the urge to go jogging.

    Now I need to get my jogging shoes dusted and burn some rubber…………..Thanks Tina

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