“I am going to live my 40′s better than I lived my 30′s…”

I had no idea that statement could be so powerful.

Think about it…if that is your defining life statement, then every decision starts to be affected by it.

For example, “Is this second glass of wine on a Tuesday night really living my life better in my 40’s than in my 30’s?”

For me it wasn’t…because on Wednesday morning I would feel sluggish, a slight headache and not be nearly as productive. I want to LIVE, truly feel alive and for me, that second glass of wine made the difference of feeling energetic the morning after or feeling tired.

It also affected how I looked at my relationships.

Is this relationship really what I’m looking for in my life? Is it balanced? Am I receiving what I am giving out? Is it draining or inspiring? Is it heavy or light? Does it make me feel good generally speaking or am I feeling sad, depressed, stifled or suppressed? Is this relationship where I want to be in my 40’s? ”

The answer to those questions for a few of my relationships (friendships and otherwise) was, “No”.

That statement has helped me make decisions that otherwise I would have waffled on. Simple decisions such as what I’ll eat for dinner….poutine and beer or salmon with wild rice and salad? Trust me, I’m not a saint, I absolutely went for the poutine and beer sometimes, but it makes me think about my choices more.

“Does this job, relationship, purchase, conversation, bottle of wine, credit card debt, clutter or procrastination truly exemplify living my life better in my 40’s than in my 30’s? ”

If you start to ask yourself that question, you’ll notice change. You have to truly want a better life because the choice won’t always be easy, even though it’s better for you. Nature is strange that way.

For this week, ask yourself the question and see if it makes you more aware of your choices…you may still make the same choice, but you thought about it first…and that’s a great start.

Today, I AM living my life better in my 40’s than in my 30’s. I am sustaining happiness by keeping that statement in my head and allowing it to affect my decisions. As a result I am HAPPIER, FULFILLED, INSPIRED and LOVING LIFE. What a gift I gave myself…what a gift you can give yourself.

It’s not without difficulty, but it is with authenticity…and I love that.

I hope today you allow that to resonate with you when you make some of your decisions and see if it doesn’t make a difference…it sure helped me and I truly hope it will do the same for you…

With a smile,



  1. Anne Zerrath says:

    Tough questions. And no easy answers.
    Here’s how pathetic I am: I can’t even quantify or qualify what “better” is for myself.
    Something I’ll work on and muddle through on for a while yet, I suspect.
    Still, good, tough questions to help me along are always helpful.
    A. Z.