I Am My Dog…

Happy Dog!

“You are just like your dog…fearful, damaged from your past and you don’t trust anyone.”

Someone in my past used to say that to me all the time and it used to really bug me. How dare he compare me to my dog! But in his presence I would shrug it off, not having the energy to stick up for myself. I knew he was just trying to be mean, and he knew I had a soft spot for my dog…but maybe he was right, maybe I was just like my dog…

I started to observe her closely and this is what I discovered:

  • She is curious
  • She’s friendly and approachable with other dogs
  • She has the biggest heart and openly loves the people she trusts
  • She is cautious with her trust because she has been burned in the past
  • Once she trusts you she won’t forget you
  • She has exceptional instincts
  • She forgives
  • She’s loyal
  • She knows how to show affection
  • She appreciates my time and my love and she shows me
  • She likes cookies
  • Her eyes tell you everything…
  • She is facing some of her fears
  • She’s happiest when she’s exercising, meeting new dogs and cuddling on the couch
  • When she runs, she has the biggest smile on her face
  • She loves the ocean
  • She likes her quiet time
  • She’s very easy going unless there is chaos around her, then she can get stressed out
  • She’s not a big fan of the rain

So if I look at that list, and I am ‘just like my dog’ well, I’m ok with that! I think my dog is a pretty amazing little soul and I feel blessed that she is in my life. She has given me great JOY and truly makes me LAUGH out loud every single day.

There are far worse things I could be compared to… so when I think of that phrase I smile because I love my dog and she’s got a lot of great qualities. Although the original intention behind the comment was probably to put me down or lower my self esteem; I turned it around and I like it!

I hope today you are able to turn a negative into a POSITIVE.

With a smile

Tina and Munchie


  1. angelo says:

    You forgot …
    She’s beautiful


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