She’s CRAZY…Isn’t She?

In my past I have been referred to as, “hormonal”, “crazy”, “emotionally unstable” and “damaged”. Sometimes I accepted those labels because I didn’t have the strength to fight them.

Now I know, CRAZY has a name but it’s not Tina Moore.

This is the most sane I’ve ever been in my life! This is the happiest and most connected I’ve ever been.

I have absolute clarity in what I want and what I don’t want, but when you change, there will be some people in your life who don’t like it. They will feel threatened or fearful that they themselves will be exposed for who they really are.

It’s a scary thing for them when their role in your life changes.

I could accept those labels as truth, but just because they are said doesn’t mean they are factual. The truth is, I left crazy in the dust and for the first time my vision of myself isn’t influenced by insults, and cruel manipulations. I am no longer surrounded by chaos and I now feel a deep connection to who I really am.

Crazy to me is defined as confusing:

  • Rage for passion
  • Secrecy for privacy
  • Lies for truth
  • Broken promises as hope
  • Insults as affection
  • Abuse for love
  • Age as wisdom
  • Control as support
  • Words as action
  • Shame as acceptance
  • Guilt as normal
  • A monologue as conversation
  • Excuses as truths
  • Betrayal as loyalty

Life is about honoring my word to myself for it has long been ignored. It’s about embracing the very essence of who I am and surrounding myself with people that honor and respect me as I do them.

I am realizing my VALUE, WORTH and PURPOSE and I will protect that inner spirit from the negative influences it’s been exposed to in the past.

I will use my voice and share what I have learned as I wade through my past and figure out why I made the choices I did. Is that crazy? Well, I guess for some it is…but for me, it’s the closest thing to JOY, LOVE and ACCEPTANCE that I’ve ever felt.

I am coming home to myself; that is COURAGEOUS, not crazy…

One thing that was said to me that I do agree with,

“You are a product of your environment”.

There is truth in that statement, and when I changed what was around me, I began to change what was inside of me too.

If you are accepting labels thrown at you, see them for what they really are, a way to push you down and stifle your true authentic self.

You are a precious human being…

My hope for you today is that truth resonates within you.

With a smile


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