THE Jog Blog – 12

Carmen How Photography Tina’s Favorite Facebook Status:

‘Sorebutt’, not to be confused with ‘Sorbet’…

Tina’s Happy Jogging Moment:

Running over the Lion’s Gate Bridge on a beautiful Sunday morning with my dear friend and trainer, Jody Kennett from Leapfit. Everyone should do that once in their life!

Tina’s Daily Ritual:

First thing in the morning I curl up in a blanket with my dog’s head lovingly by my side. I write in my journal as I drink a warm sweet Chai latte and appreciate all that I have. It’s a beautiful way to start the day.

January 6, 2011 – CROSS TRAINING

I worked out for an hour today doing the various exercises Jody gave me. I focused on arms with pushups, plank and plank-to-pushups as well as light weights. It feels good to have an outlet for stress, anxiety and worries. It shifts my thinking so I gain clarity.


January 7, 2011 – REST

January 8, 2011 – HIKE (1 hour)

…some shimmy shakin’ last night, and this morning some hiking and tomorrow running 15k…friends, fresh air, laughter, sunshine, dancing, conversation – life is pretty darn good!

January 9, 2011 – JOG 15K (10 min jog / 1 min walk)

It’s a beautiful, sunny day and Jody (bless her heart) is joining me again for my long run. We are going over the Lions Gate Bridge, around Stanley Park then back again. I’m super excited because I’ve always wanted to jog over the bridge, having watched others do it as I’m stuck in traffic….and shamefully I’ve never walked the entire seawall in Stanley Park. It’s a great day already and it’s only 10:30!

Oooo, I do feel sore, but I think it’s a direct result of needing new shoes.

January 10, 2011 – REST

I took it easy today because yesterday I was really tight. I stretched it out and took a rest so I’m feeling better.

January 11, 2011 – EASY JOG (2 reps of 12-15 min instead of my usual 10/1)

I felt so sick before I started to jog. I was nauseous and feeling really low in energy. After I jogged I felt much better. I’m still lacking in energy but I think that’s due to not sleeping last night. My RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) is bothering me lately. I have to figure out if it’s my shoes, the cold, too much caffeine, not enough iron or something else…it runs in my family but it hasn’t bothered me in a long time…have to figure it out because not sleeping doesn’t work for me.

January 12, 2011 – CROSS TRAIN

I saw Benita from Ocean Wellness today and she told me my hip keeps making this awful “popping” sound because my hip flexors are tight causing my hip to pop. Last time I got a massage, which was October I think, the massage therapist had to dig deep in that area because they were tight then too. Jody has told me that my calves are tight as well because she can hear how I land on the pavement. I am stretching and massaging my legs because I want to avoid injury.

These experts around me, I love it. I feel like an athlete!

I think I have some more people joining me for my birthday run in October so I’m super excited about that. It will be a PARTY!! That’s the FUN part of making GOALS…having the party at the end…the CELEBRATION with people you love…it’s the greatest GIFT after all your hard work.

Don’t you want to come to the party? I’D LOVE TO HAVE YOU THERE!

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