Celebrating Women – Celebrating YOU!

Today is International Women’s Day. As stated on their website, it is a day to honor, reflect and celebrate the economic, social and political achievements of women past, present and in the future. Today is the 100th anniversary and I am proud to be a part of the female race.

I deeply respect these women having created such change in our world and I am grateful for their vision and direction. Today, however, I would like to honor the every day heroes. The women just like YOU who are raising children, working full time jobs, attending meetings, soccer games, supporting husbands, friends, family and aging parents.

I honor the women who suffer from insomnia because they are worrying about the bills, their child being bullied or their husband being out so late on a Tuesday night. Their fears build and they may feel totally overwhelmed, yet they get up the next morning and move forward.

I honor the women who always think of others first and as a result will stay up until midnight cooking a casserole for a sick friend.

I honor the women who suffer in silence when they see their ex partner with another woman at the grocery store. They handle it with grace but when they reach their car, they weep out loud, for what they wish it could have been…but never was…

I honor the women who pick up the phone to call a friend because they haven’t heard from them in a while, even though they have a to-do list as long as their arm.

I honor the women who sacrifice for their children, so they can have the new shoes or the chance to take singing lessons. The women who stop and help their child with their homework even though the sink is full of dishes and a report for work is due in the morning.

I honor the women who tirelessly and without complaining, love and care for partners and children who are ill. I am humbled by you and your enormous capacity to give.

I honor the women fighting for their lives whether it be from cancer, abusive relationships or past trauma. You have enormous courage and incredible strength. You are survivors.

I honor the women who speak up for others even though they may not have anyone sticking up for them.

I honor the women who are taking back their lives by going back to school, gaining financial independence, ending a toxic relationship or making their health and wellness a priority.

I honor the women who give so much, and expect very little in return.

I honor the women who don’t understand their value and worth in this world.

I honor the incredible female intuition where quiet strength and wisdom is found.

I THANK YOU. Every day YOU affect people’s lives. Every day YOU are making a difference in this world. Thank YOU for your love, care, thoughtfulness, consideration, strength, loyalty, wisdom, hugs, nurturing and intelligence. Thank YOU for your common sense, laughter, tears, courage and vulnerability. Today I HONOR YOU, with the deepest of respect and love.

If you aren’t already, PLEASE HONOR and DEEPLY RESPECT YOURSELF. GIVE YOURSELF THE NURTURING, LOVE, and SUPPORT YOU GIVE TO OTHERS. It is imperative that you recognize how valuable you are in the people’s lives around you. Your thoughts, actions, words and love are important. Please honor them. Honor them by taking care of yourself so you can refuel, revive and renew. We need you in the world.

Together, we will celebrate being a woman. Celebrate being a mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, teacher, friend, wife, or partner by honoring ourselves and the other incredible women in our lives.


With a smile


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