“All the money in the world, the property, rich investments, toys, fine wines and name-dropping stories do not hide poor character”

A while back someone was brought into my life by no action on my part. This person bragged about his money, toys, boats, property, and famous people he’d apparently met but he was anything but impressive to me. On a cellular level I immediately responded to this person. It was like the time I ingested a bad chicken wing…it took no time at all, 15 minutes in fact, for my body to tell me I had to dispose of it. My body reacted so strongly that my stomach convulsed and the poison that was in the chicken wing was violently removed from my body.

That is how I felt when this person entered my life. Everything within me said he was bad news and not to be trusted.

In the past, I would have tried to look for his ‘potential’. He must have a side to him that is good, pure, loving and kind. He shows it in other areas of his life so it must exist. I’m sure that is true, but his interactions with me and the person who brought him into my life was nothing but chaos, anger, manipulation, control and ego. He spoke a consistent monologue where no one else was able to offer thoughts, opinions or insight. He knew it all, said it all, controlled it all and created total and absolute chaos.

Get OUT!

That is what my gut said.

Get out, NOW.


He was so incredibly poisonous that I physically responded with nausea.

So how did I handle this obnoxious, bullying, manipulating, calculating, harassing, threatening person?


I gained my emotional and physical strength through jogging. I found clarity in how I felt and what I wanted to say. I turned myself into a fighter and I fought for what I believed in: MY VALUES. MY BELIEFS. MY INTEGRITY. MY PEACE. MY INTUITION.

No longer am I going to give second chances if my GUT tells me all the chances in the world will change NOTHING and only increase the PAIN and CHAOS. Some may deem that as harsh, but I’ve done it the other way far too many times and it doesn’t work.

I want to thank those two people who created such chaos in my life. You gave me an opportunity to listen to my instinct, act upon what it said and move forward. I didn’t second-guess myself this time. I knew what it was saying was true. I protected what I heard and honored it by listening. Although it was a very uncomfortable, ugly, volatile and highly stressful day, I am grateful for the lesson I gained.




Everything you need is inside, you just have to stop the racing thoughts, listen to your instinct and trust yourself.

With a smile


PS. Thank YOU for all your amazing messages, I love hearing from you and feel truly honored by your honesty and courage. Please continue to contact me, spread the word and share the site.

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