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Why do I need sports drinks when I am jogging?

Wikipedia states: A sports drink is a beverage designed to help athletes rehydrate when fluids are depleted after training or competition. Electrolyte replacement promotes proper rehydration, which is important in delaying the onset of fatigue during exercise.

What types of sports drinks are there?

Some choices are Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, and Propel.


Coconut water


I choose coconut water because it’s natural and doesn’t upset my stomach like the others however here are some other reasons:

  • No artificial colors or dyes
  • I can read and understand the list of ingredients: coconut water
  • Less calories
  • 15x more potassium
  • Natural sugars (nothing artificial)
  • More calcium, phosphorous and magnesium
  • No dental erosion from citric acid
  • It tastes really good!

I’ve tried all three brands in the photo and my favorite is the green bottle. It tastes YUMMY, although it’s probably the most expensive out of the three. It has some pulp so if you want crystal clear, don’t purchase that one.

The other two are also good, although they are little less sweet. I tend to mix them with water because they don’t have quite as yummy of a flavor. They are still all natural though and they also come blended with fruit juice if you prefer. I will carry one container of water, and the other container of coconut water for long jogs. I’ll also carry my gels or gummies.

I like to eat as healthy as I can without being too rigid. I prefer fresh foods. If I can’t pronounce the ingredient then I consider it a small poison that I don’t want in my body. Fresh is best if at all possible. Organic is more expensive but worth it when it comes to meat, dairy and certain fruits and vegetables.

Does this mean I never eat chips, cupcakes or chocolate? Absolutely not. I love the crunch and salty taste of chips, but I limit my intake and when I don’t, my body reminds me. My scale tips on fresh and healthy not packaged and processed.

If you find the other sports drinks hard on your stomach or you would prefer to go with something that is less chemical and more natural, try the coconut water. I LOVE IT!

Thanks for reading “What Is YOUR nOrMaL?” and passing it along. I hope you have an awesome weekend and I’ll see you again on Tuesday! I’m looking forward to it!

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