THE Jog Blog – 33

Thank YOU for your generous donations towards “The Underwear Affair”. Because of YOU I am getting closer to my goal!

Tina’s Favorite Thing:

Traffic signs. I LOVE them because when I drive past a sign I say, “Yup, I’ve jogged that!” It’s the greatest feeling in the world!

Jogging Blessings:

The wonderful friendships I’ve made through jogging. They are such a blessing.

Vancouver Scotia Bank Half Marathon:

It’s HERE! On Sunday my friends and I (and thousands of others) will be running 21.1K! My bib number is 2390.

My friends and I are all wearing the same pink shirts. The shirts say: Sole Sisters ~ Friends to the finish (Don’t you love it!) Watch for us and CHEER US ON!

How to prepare the night before the ‘Big Run’ – Training Tips Based On My Experience:

  1. Mentally prepare yourself. I have moments of doubt and fear but if I let those thoughts take over, then I will have a difficult run. I think of how great the run is going to be, how much FUN it is with all that energy around you and how healthy and strong I feel. POSITIVE THINKING is extremely POWERFUL and it’s proven by professionals that it works. THINK POSITIVE AND HAVE A GREAT RUN!
  2. Don’t change anything! Keep to your regular eating habits regarding your training schedule and don’t try anything new. I will be eating organic oatmeal and a toasted bagel approximately an hour to two hours before I run.
  3. Lay everything out the night before. It’s an early morning (we are running by 7:00 a.m.) so have all your gear: hat, shoes, socks, water bottles, gels, race bib etc all laid out so you don’t have to think about it. Attach your bib onto your clothing and your timing chip onto your shoe.
  4. Get some sleep. This is a tough one for me because I’m so excited but try to calm your mind because 4:45 a.m. comes very quickly!


I saw Benita at Ocean Wellness this week and I’m so glad I went! My hips were out again so she asked me to come in this weekend before the big run and make sure I’m in alignment. She will ‘fit me in’ just to make sure I am safe to run. I love Benita; she is THE BEST!


As I mentioned last week, my dear friend and trainer, Jody Kennett from Leapfit and I are running IN OUR UNDERWEAR for the 10K “The Underwear Affair” on July 9th to raise awareness for cancers below the belt.

This is very real for both of us but particularly for Jody as she has spent a lot of time with her father in the hospital as he recovers from the removal of his kidney due to cancer. Any positive energy or prayers for her Dad are greatly appreciated.

It seems everyone is affected by cancer in some way or another. Please help us raise awareness, raise funds and reach our goal.

We will be jogging IN OUR UNDERWEAR (I was hoping Jody wanted to run in bloomers but she wants to be a little braver than that! Yikes!) Please CLICK HERE to make a donation. From the bottom of my heart ~ THANK YOU ~

Have a GLORIOUS weekend full of LAUGHTER, FUN and GRATITUDE. Don’t let the small things get in the way of what’s really important: EACH OTHER.

See you on Tuesday!

With a smile,


PS. My website is getting pampered with a makeover, so check out the Facebook, Twitter (I love it!) and LinkedIn buttons on the side and PLEASE SHARE YOUR COMMENTS (it should be easier now). You can tell me about your experience with cancer, training for a run, raising funds or anything else you’d like to discuss! I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU!

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