Manifest Your BEST LIFE – The POWER of POSITIVE Thinking

My Lovely New Apartment!

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have a lot of change in my life and I’m being forced to embrace‘ this change. I currently LOVE where I live and was devastated that circumstances out of my control are forcing me out of my home. I was angry, sad, fearful, disappointed and resentful.

My fear and anger stem from my past. I moved a lot as a kid and that pattern continued into my adulthood. I think I’ve moved over 35 times to date! I hate moving, and yet, I keep moving.

What’s going on? Is it all circumstantial or is it intentional? Is it past patterns manifesting in my current life? What am I doing to create this? Why is stability so difficult?

My current home is bright, spacious, in a lovely neighbourhood with a stunning and inspiring view. I love it and was so happy to move here. It immediately felt like a ‘home’ to me…and now I must leave it behind.

I made a DECISION to not step backwards with this move but continue to step forward. What this means is I had certain ‘expectations’ and desires of what I wanted my next place to look like.

I made a very detailed list right to what kind of flooring, appliances and other features I desired. I also wanted brand new.

I then found the place I had described. I wanted it so badly, I was almost begging for it. I gave every possible reference imaginable and waited, wishing and hoping they’d choose me. I felt desperate and spent days in high anxiety and fear. I thought,

“They aren’t going to accept me. They won’t like the dog. I don’t even know if I can afford it. I won’t get it.”




After a long jog I realized I was investing thoughts into that old core belief of not feeling like I deserved it…and my thoughts proved to be correct. They did not choose me.

Did this stop me? NO, I was determined to live in this building. I loved it and I wanted to move from one place I loved to an equally or more inspiring space. This was extremely important to me. I refused to settle. I made it my business to live in this building. No option to fail.

So a week ago I post a Facebook status that said, “Ok Monday, give me what I want.”

I found another apartment in that same building. I marched in there as if it were mine. I handed the agent my references and with total confidence knew I was an exceptional choice for this apartment.

I got the place.

You’ve heard it a thousand times:


But which power are you choosing?

Your thoughts can connect to greatness, or they can connect to suffering.

My story of the apartment is a great example. When my thoughts were negative I did not get the apartment and when I DECIDED to change my thoughts I signed the deal and will be moving into the place of my vision. Both had power and both became true.

Negative or Positive?

Which do you choose? What are you choosing right now?


You always have a CHOICE…and if the negative hasn’t been working for you, can’t hurt to try some positive thoughts! I realize sometimes this is easier said than done however keep at it. If I hadn’t decided to try again, I would not be moving into this lovely and inspiring place.

Manifest the life you deserve.

Manifest JOY, LOVE, ABUNDANCE, SECURITY, LOYALTY, AUTHENTICITY, TRAVEL, LAUGHTER and in my case, a lovely apartment!

Create powerful positive thoughts and I guarantee you, if those thoughts are spoken with CONVICTION you will SUCCEED.


With a smile,



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