THE Jog Blog – 39

Tina’s Favorite Quote Of The Week:

You’re jogging the Lion’s Gate Bridge? And here I thought you weren’t getting any hill training. (Ha!)

A Moment Of Gratitude:

Running long distance ALONE can be difficult. I am BLESSED to have my Sole Sisters shirt which I wear on those jogs. I feel like my friends are right there with me and that keeps me moving forward. Thank you, ladies.

Tina’s NEXT RUN:

Goodlife Fitness Marathon/Half Marathon on October 9, 2011 in Victoria, BC. I am nervous but also very excited to run this marathon. Jody, from Leapfit is joining me in the full marathon (bless her heart) and my other friends are running the half marathon. You can still join the FUN as there’s also the option of an 8K run. Click HERE for more information!

Jogging and Walking Etiquette – Training Tips Based On My Experience:

I love jogging the seawall around Stanley Park and West Vancouver. Some days there are more people out walking, jogging, roller blading or cycling than other days. Here are some simple tips for all of us to consider when we share the space.

  1. GROUPS – I love to see families out walking on a beautiful sunny day. As a runner it’s difficult to pass through a large group. If you are heading towards me and leave me no room I have no choice but to go through your group. By simply separating for a moment, I can pass and you can continue on your walk uninterrupted.
  2. HOLDING HANDS – Watching couples hold hands as they stroll the seawall is such a joy to see. It’s also an awkward moment for a jogger to try and pass by. I certainly don’t want to play “Red Rover” with you, breaking through your arms as I pass through. Being conscious of your surroundings and how far apart your arms are stretching as you hold hands is just a nice, common courtesy.
  3. Earphones – Music sometimes keeps you going as you jog, roller blade or walk along the seawall. It can cause a danger though if you aren’t aware of your surroundings. Please make sure you can still hear outside noise so you don’t get creamed by a cyclist whizzing by.
  4. “TO YOUR LEFT!” I noticed a woman on one of my jogs BUST through a group of people, an angry look on her face. She clearly was irritated because they wouldn’t move. This is solved by a simple phrase, “To your left!” I give people plenty of warning and almost every time they will move, graciously and without any hesitation. I also thank them afterwards.
  5. Dogs – I love dogs. I have a dog but jogging around dogs can be dangerous. If you are a dog owner on the seawall and your dog is on a loooong leash or off leash (which isn’t allowed) then please be mindful of the joggers and roller-bladers on your side of the walk. Dogs are unpredictable and I’ve had to dodge them more than once. If you are tired, this can be an opportunity to trip and become injured. Please keep dogs on a short leash and close to your side. Thank you!

This weekend I’m on another little adventure with my sister. I am LOVING the sunshine, the ocean and the many blessings around me. Simple things bring such joy.

Have an AWESOME weekend. Stay safe, have fun and be adventurous! Don’t let opportunities pass you by…

See you on Tuesday!

With a smile,


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