THE Jog Blog – 40

Tina’s Favorite New Gadget:

Forgive me Blackberry owners, but I am LOVING my new IPhone!

Climb Every Mountain:

Grouse Grind is in my back yard. Today I will cross train by hiking up with a friend; it’s a way to deal with stress and strengthen relationships. Life is good!

Tina’s NEXT RUN:

In 58 days I’ll run the Goodlife Fitness Marathon/Half Marathon on October 9, 2011 in Victoria, BC. You can still join the FUN as there’s also an 8K run. Click HERE for info!

Jogging With Music – Training Tips Based On My Experience:

I have been jogging silently, with just my thoughts for 2 years and loving it. I have processed past pain, made excellent decisions, heard and listened to my INSTINCT and became the person I always knew existed but could never quite access. This past week, with my new Iphone, which has an Ipod (another new gadget for me!), I ran with music. This is what I learned:

1. RUN FORREST RUN - I run faster with music! I have to be careful because I was grooving and dancing and waving my hands in the air doing drum solos and guitar riffs and next thing you know it’s 15 minutes later and I’ve missed my walk breaks. Must keep to tempo, even with music. This will be tough for me.

2. BE AWARE - I had one earphone in my ear so I was still very aware of my surroundings. I could hear footsteps behind me if I needed to move to the right to let someone pass and I could still enjoy the glorious sound of waves.

3. GET COMFORTABLE - The arm band doesn’t work for me. I probably had it too tight but if I loosened it, it slipped down to my elbow. I took it off my arm and attached it to my waist pack. That worked much better.

4. THAT WAS RUNTASTIC - I downloaded a free ap on my IPhone called “Runtastic.” It shows me where I’m running, how far, what pace and speed I averaged, elevation and how many calories I burned. I LOVE THIS AP!

5. MOVE IT GROOVE IT – Because music is in my blood, I don’t think I’m capable of not singing and grooving to the music. Because of this, I get winded so I plan on training with music one time a week where I groove and naturally push my speed and for the long distance I’ll have to be extra careful I don’t push it as I’ll burn out half way through. I have to say, I was loving the music this week. Thank you Iphone!

I’ve had some challenges, fear mixed with anxiety and tests of faith the last couple of days. Life’s uncertainty and things out of my control have forced me to BREATHE, LET GO and TRUST IN WHAT I BELIEVE. It’s been difficult but also an opportunity to put into practise what I’ve learned about how I respond to things. I haven’t been perfect that’s for sure, but I’m aware and continue to move FORWARD.

Have a beautiful weekend! If it rains, make your own sunshine by doing a little SELF care or surprise someone with a thoughtful note, an offer to help pull weeds or pay for the person’s coffee behind you in the drive through.

Random acts of kindness always bring out the warmth of the sun.

I have a GREAT blog for Tuesday. Make sure you sign up or bookmark this site so you don’t miss it!

With a smile,


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