THE Jog Blog – 42

Lion's Gate Bridge - Vancouver, BC

Thank you to my chiropractor, Benita from Ocean Wellness for once again helping me in a pinch. I feel so much better once I’ve seen her because my body is in alignment and it moves smoothly and with ease. I am very blessed to have her in my life.

Tina’s Inner Gandhi:

The best facelift is a smile!

Did You Say SHOES?

I needed new shoes and once again, LadySport came to the rescue. I got the exact same pair of Mizunos because that brand seems to work for me. As usual, they gave me EXCEPTIONAL service and you just feel like you are surrounded by friends. They are having a HUGE SALE right now so don’t miss out on all the good stuff such as shoes, bras, skorts, rain gear (it’s coming whether we like it or not!) and so much more!

Long Jog Silver And Awaaay:

It’s a chaotic time and so I looked forward to this long jog to help me get centered and focused with my intentions. I did my usual route across Lion’s Gate and Burrard Street Bridge and it was a gorgeous but hot day. I felt good until around 26K and then it got really hard. There was plenty of self-talk happening to pull me through the final miles.

Long Jogs PART TWO – How To Get Through In One Piece – Training Tips Based On My Experience:

1.TALK NICE! – I won’t pretend and tell you long jogs aren’t difficult. They can be tough and so it’s extremely important to be kind to yourself when you are out there. I really moniter my thoughts and talk to myself with encouragement and positive energy. Be your own cheerleader. I’ll expand on this in the weeks to come.

2. LISTEN TO MUSIC – Ok, I get it now! I have been jogging in silence with just my thoughts and that really works for me. Jogging with music does help pass the time as you log on the miles and can give you a little burst of energy right when you need it.

3. MENTAL CHECK – Make sure you don’t enter a long run with the mindset of it being hard, because if you do, guarantee, it will be a difficult run. I don’t like running alone all the time but if I’m going to reach my goal I have to run, alone or not. For the long jogs I mentally start preparing myself the night before so I begin the run with positive thoughts and clarity. “This is going to be a great run!” gets me much further than “This is going to be so hard!”

4. BE AN OBSERVER – Do you know how many wonderful things I’ve seen jogging? I’ve ran by a whale that was right by the shore, I’ve seen eagles, harbour seals, herons and fish jumping. I’ve witnesses weddings, rock art, music, interesting conversations, found new restaurants and shops and I’m pretty sure I’ve ran past some celebrities. Observe the world around you, it’s very interesting and keeps you entertained.

To read Part One on how to get through those long jogs in one piece, click HERE.

It’s suppose to be another BEAUTIFUL weekend! The nights are arriving sooner so make sure you get out and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine while we still have our summer. It is a BLESSING and you’ll remember the memories of friends having a picnic far more than whether that pile of laundry got done.

With a smile,


PS. Because I am in the middle of moving, the blogs may be delayed by a few hours…do not fear they will still happen so keep coming back or sign up below so you don’t have to worry about it! I’ll just pop into your mailbox once they are posted!

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