Brown Eyes

What color were the eyes that betrayed you? For me they were brown.

Those brown eyes told me they loved me and would never hurt me.

Those brown eyes said they’d take care of me.

Those brown eyes said everything was ok.

Those brown eyes said they’d keep me SAFE.

Those brown eyes lied to me.

Those brown eyes said they would always tell me the TRUTH. They promised.

Those brown eyes broke all their promises.

Those brown eyes told me one thing and did another

Those brown eyes looked away.

Those brown eyes were HIS and those brown eyes were MINE.


Many years ago I looked in the mirror and swore to myself that I would protect myself. I swore I would LISTEN to that inner voice that tried so hard to keep me from harm. I swore I would LOVE mySELF more. Years later, I’m looking into another mirror, only this time the eyes look a little older. Again, I swore I would take better care of mySELF and never let this repeat. I told myself I had to learn the lesson because I was tired of the same results. I was angry at those brown eyes because they knew better.

Today those brown eyes look at me and expect different results. They tell me without hesitation whether I am doing something good for myself or something unhealthy for myself. This time I LISTEN. They fiercely protect the life they have carved. They refuse to accept anger, negativity, lies, and disloyalty in their life.

Those brown eyes look with conviction instead of confusion.

Those brown eyes don’t look at me and make promises they can’t keep. Those brown eyes have an understanding about them; they understand that nothing less than LOVE, RESPECT and AUTHENTICITY are good enough.

Those brown eyes are open and they do not look away…

One pair of brown eyes is gone, but the other remains with forgiveness, love and understanding.

When YOU look into the mirror, what do YOUR eyes tell you?

With a smile,


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