THE Endorphinator

I had an interesting conversation with someone last week and they asked if I’d ever felt the endorphin high when I jog.

“Yes!” I said enthusiastically.

“What’s it like?” he said.

This sweet guy had felt great after a soccer game but wasn’t sure he’d felt the endorphin high after jogging…he didn’t think so. I promised him I would send him an email before and after my jog.

I share my messages to him with YOU, so you can also see what an endorphin high is like:





Content but not high energy

A little lazy feeling…

Pleased it’s sunny and not raining

I have to wake up still…this is sleepy Tina pre-jog


First, I should mention that I am glistening…albeit from sweat, but it’s all a matter of perspective you see…and in the sunshine I am glistening…

Oh, where to begin!!

Well, it really is a ‘high’. I was anticipating the feeling as I was walking my dog beforehand…already feeling great, knowing I’d feel even better soon…

Here’s my best description of how I feel right now:

JOY and HAPPINESS – I’m literally giggling to myself I feel so happy.

GRATEFUL – I’m full of gratitude and appreciation for my life and all the people in it.

BLESSED – I feel totally blessed that I get to feel this way…everyone should have this unbelievable feeling of total joy, bliss and happiness where all is right in the world…(in reality I know it’s not; however, this feeling also includes hope that it could be.)

POSITIVE – Feeling positive and upbeat leading to…

ENERGIZED – Tons of energy right now; I’m vibrating.

LOVE – I feel like I am all love…I know that sounds corny and I probably sound like some woo-woo chick from the sixties, but I don’t really care. I feel full of love, loving, loved, loveable, lovelovelove –it’s a beautiful thing!

FOCUSED – I know what I have to do today and for the rest of the week. I am very clear on my intentions for some challenges ahead.

CREATIVE – Oh ya, creative juices totally flow in this state…I write novels when I run…

SEXUAL – Yup, absolutely jacks up my sex drive (passionate, sensual etc)

ALIVE – I feel like I can sense every cell in my body…every thought, feeling, emotion and intention. It’s pure, raw energy!

So I think that’s it…if I had to describe it, that’s the best I can do in the state that I’m in….

This is the pure, raw endorphinated Tina.

After I sent the email I wondered if later I would shake my head and say,

“Tina, you were totally high.”

It didn’t matter, when I started to ‘come down’ I felt calm and at peace and I knew I spoke from a true, authentic place. It’s a beautiful way to live.


Have an awesome, fun, silly, happy weekend and I’ll see you on Tuesday!

With a smile,



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