BC ChildRun

There are some events that every person should do at least once in their lifetime and I believe BC ChildRun is definitely one of them.

I asked my dear friend Alix if I could take photos and write a blog on how much money they raised in honor of their beautiful son, Connor. She welcomed me with open, loving arms.

If you don’t know Connor, click HERE to read the full story about his COURAGE, STRENGTH and WISDOM and the incredible journey he took with his family.

He was indeed a brave soul. He fought a terrible form of brain cancer called medulloblastoma, a malignant tumour in the cerebellum of the brain. He was first diagnosed at just 7 years old in September 2010. After extensive treatment his family thought he had made a full recovery and celebrated his strength, courage and new lease on life.

November 2011 Connor had signs of a stroke and rushed back to the hospital. It was soon discovered his tumour was back and far more aggressive than before.

Connor passed away in his parents arms December 21, 2011, just days before Christmas.

What emotions are felt during that time? Anger? Fear? Sadness? Despair? I have not lived through the pain this family endured but what I do know is that the feelings run DEEP…beyond what can be expressed with words…experience is really the only true way to understand.

I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived on Sunday for the BC ChildRun.

What I saw was a group of family and friends gathered to honour Connor and support an incredible family.

My heart was happy to see teenagers goofing around as teenagers do.

I saw beautiful friendships…

lots of laughter…

loving family…

and I saw Connor and Kayden’s parents holding hands, marching bravely forward

I felt such enormous respect, love and compassion for this couple as they walked for their son, for their family…they could turn on each other drowning in their own grief…but what I saw was LOVE, COMMITMENT and true SUPPORT.

We all wore red feather boas, a pin with Connor’s photo and necklaces with the word “hope”. I only knew Alix but I felt a part of this group because we were there for the same reason. I felt a part of everyone’s group who participated in the event that day because collectively we were all there out of LOVE.

I’m sure many had asked that haunting, unanswered question of ‘why’ which is only answered by silence…

But that day, we ALL walked in unison, in harmony and to the beat of our own stories.

I chatted with Alix as we walked the 5 kilometers and what I witnessed was pure LOVE. Her DEPTH OF LOVE is indescribable. The sadness was obviously there, but LOVE was STRONGER…BIGGER…DEEPER and far more TANGIBLE.


They raised $14,000! The Wilson family sponsors this BC Children’s Hospital event so they matched any individual who raises over a thousand dollars. Some of the team members were matched making the grand total…


Connor’s brother, Kayden was interviewed by the media and spoke calmly and eloquently according to his very proud Mom.

Thank YOU my dear readers for your generous contribution to this amazing group of family and friends and for exceeding Kayden’s original fundraising goal!

According to his Mom, Connor would be so proud, but he’s not done yet. Connor has a bucket list!

It was very important to him that his family raise money so that a child, just like himself, could go to Disneyland through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

My dear readers, you have already shown the power of creating change through a simple donation so please click HERE to make a contribution in CONNOR FOGARTY’S NAME. They need $6,000 to allow another child the freedom to just enJOY having FUN and being ALIVE.

His Mom, Alix, is also making beautiful jewelry and all proceeds go to Make-A-Wish Foundation in Connor’s honour. She has stock available or makes custom orders. You can view her jewelery and make an order by going to my Facebook Page.

I have a lasting image in my head: Small red feathers from our boas drifted in the air. For me this symbolized Connor’s precious life gently and lovingly reaching people.


Thank you for your love and support.

With a smile,




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