Finding Opportunities

Opportunity: noun, 1. An appropriate or favorable time or occasion. 2. A condition favorable for attainment of a goal. 3. A good chance, as for success.

OPPORTUNITIES are given to us each and every day. Finding opportunities is as easy as waking up in the morning…if you are reading this right now, it means you have a new day and another opportunity to create the life you desire.

I reflect on my past and recall a few opportunities I let pass by because I was scared, depressed or anxious. I feel sad but I also learned something about mySELF.

OPPORTUNITIES are often overlooked, passed upon or even aggressively thrown away without any investigation. Based on past experiences, fear, other people’s opinions or pre-judgements, perceptions change how we see the opportunity. Instead of positive, we see negative.

LOVE is an opportunity and yet I know of some who have passed on the chance to love and be loved.

Fear and past relationships have created a wall between the opportunity and their heart.

I know of incredible opportunities to make more money, have more time and create FREEDOM in life which have been passed up because of what others have said instead of investigating it for yourSELF.

Opportunities that work for YOU, may not work for others…and that’s okay!


Following the crowd doesn’t lead you to your AUTHENTIC SELF. It leads you along everyone else’s dreams, perceptions and beliefs. Following yourSELF, your inner guide, your internal compass, your INSTINCT will lead you to your unique opportunities.

Understandably, sometimes it’s difficult to hear your INSTINCT when there is so much fear in the way. The “What if’s”, “How can I”, “I don’t know how” or the “I can’t” are louder but just because you hear those thoughts doesn’t mean they are true.

Opportunities can disguise themselves as pain, rejection, hard work and sacrifice. Sometimes they are like walls too high to look over, look past or look through but FAITH in yourSELF and TRUSTING your INSTINCT will help you understand that with each ACTION you take, the clearer the opportunity will become.

Every THOUGHT you think is an OPPORTUNITY because it is a chance to think something new instead of repeating old tapes of unworthiness or negativity.

Every ACTION you do is an OPPORTUNITY to create POSITIVE ENERGY towards what you really want in your life.




Please, don’t miss opportunities for new friendships, healing old wounds, forgiveness, reconnecting, growing, changing, learning, giving love a chance, making more money, balancing your time, seeking freedom of choice, spending time with family, learning a hobby, or finding adventure.

Opportunities are right in front of you…all you have to do is OPEN your eyes, OPEN your heart and OPEN your mind.

With a smile,


PS. Would love to hear what opportunities you discovered with a new perspective or fresh outlook. Was something fabulous right in front of you and you didn’t see it before? I’d love to hear your story!


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