THE Jog Blog – 71

Hills. Some people don’t like running up hills. I certainly can relate as I couldn’t imagine running in general, never mind up a hill when I first started. Today, I actually like running up hills and in fact, I’ll often bump up my speed when I go up a hill (depending on the size of the incline of course).

Here are the reasons why I like to run up hills:

  • It’s a CHALLENGE.
  • It strengthens my body, making it more POWERFUL, healthier and toned.
  • It gets rid of negative emotions because I process anger, fear or sadness through a physical outlet.
  • I like the view from the top. Sometimes I’ll look behind me and see where I’ve been but most times I look forward and enjoy the view.
  • I like saying, “I did it! I conquered that hill and I was not defeated.”
  • It’s an ACHIEVEMENT I used to think was impossible.
  • It makes me feel GOOD about mySELF.
  • It builds SELF ESTEEM and nurtures my SELF WORTH.
  • I get to enjoy the FUN part of running down hill. I find routes where the way up is steeper than the way down so it’s easier on my knees.

I think running up hills is a beautiful metaphor for life:

You run up hills one step at a time.

You reach a goal one task at a time.

You mend a heart one day at a time…sometimes one hour or one second at a time depending on the depth of pain.

You lose weight one pound at a time.

You build a life, one choice at a time.

Life is about putting one foot in front of the other despite the challenges; you move forward.

Have a great weekend. See you here on Tuesday!

With a smile,



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