The Other Side Of Fear

I had such a FUN weekend!

Since making the DECISION to change my life and live my 40’s better than I ever lived my 20’s or 30’s, I’ve been challenging FEARS and NEGATIVE beliefs.

Instead of worrying about what others may think of me I started this website and wrote a book called “The Decision“!

Instead of limiting my experiences and allowing FEAR and ANXIETY to dictate my memories with friends and family, I jumped off a bridge…


…and loved it!

Instead of allowing ANXIETY and STRESS to hinder my abilities, I jumped at the OPPORTUNITY to speak and share my story. I had so much FUN as I rocked the stage at Living Extraordinary Live with 11 other exceptional speakers!

Instead of procrastinating out of FEAR and ANXIETY and the uncertainty of the unknown, I have started new business opportunities (Don’t worry, I will share with you very soon because these are my passions) and I LOVE IT!

And this weekend instead of worrying about whether I’d look like a fool, swallow too much water or injure myself, I tried waterskiing…

My mother is scared of the water due to her own frightening experiences as a child so as kids we grew up not really confident in the water. Just a few short years ago, I would have said:

No, that’s okay; I’ll stay at the cabin and wait until you get back.

Inside my head and heart, I would have longed to be on the boat because it looks like so much FUN but I would have been too scared to try…

What if I wiped out and hurt myself? What if I drowned? What if I broke something? What if I looked like a fool? What if I lost my bathing suit? What if…what if…what if?

What a waste of time!

I’m acutely aware that life is PRECIOUS and life is SHORT. I want to share my LOVE, HEART and my LIFE with people. I want to experience new things! I want to LAUGH. I want to challenge myself and open up my world…

I’m proud I went for it. Despite feeling nervous because it was new and I’m not a strong swimmer and there is ‘risk’ involved…I still faced my fears and had FUN.

…and although I swallowed a lot of water (A LOT OF WATER!) and didn’t make it up, I sure had a great time. I was fortunate to have loving people who were very patient as I tried and tried and tried but never quite got there.

I used different skis, they continued to give me instructions and let me keep going because I was really determined to get up! Unfortunately exhaustion set in and it was time to go…next year, I will try again.

I had a blast and just feel very blessed, extremely grateful and HAPPY.

For those who grew up on the water, I realize this isn’t a big deal but for a farm girl who was scared of her own shadow for such a long time, this was another defining moment in my life.

They say, whatever you are afraid of, is the very thing you should do…I now embrace learning, growing and being open to new opportunities, experiences and relationships. I can honestly say, life is so much better when you live that way!

A big thank you to my friends who are FAMILY…I love you and appreciate all you have done for me.


With a smile,



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