I remember 9/11 very well.

I was living in a small attic apartment after separating from my ex husband. I woke up to my old clock radio announcing a plane had struck a tower in New York and it was on fire. I got out of bed and turned on the television…within minutes I was watching live as the second building was hit and both towers were covered in thick, heavy smoke.

I didn’t know a single person in those towers but I was devastated for them and for the lives that would be affected. I thought about how terrified and confused the people in the buildings must have felt…their last moments of life in absolute chaos and panic.

I sat and watched in horror, completely powerless like millions of others as the buildings collapsed. I was in shock and wept openly. I said out loud to myself:

Oh my God, how could this happen on North American soil?”

I was scared. What did it mean?

I was then deeply ashamed.

The truth is devastation happens every day in many different countries…images of violence, riots, war and slaughter against PEOPLE would affect me but not as deeply as that particular day in New York. Did it have to come onto my soil for me to really understand the depth of destruction, pain and suffering in the WORLD? To this day, I don’t know…all I know is my life changed that day and my level of understanding opened up.




Today I HONOUR to the deepest of my ability the people who were in those buildings suffering an unimaginable, frightening death.

I HONOUR the survivors and all the incredible people who BRAVELY stepped into the depths of hell to HELP people they did not know, risking their own lives to save others.

I HONOUR the families and friends who continue to miss their loved ones…grieving is an individual process and I wrap my arms around you with love.

To those watching, powerless as lives were lost in front of you, chaos surrounded you and you were confused, lost and didn’t know how to handle it, I give you my love.

I haven’t experienced first hand such violence and devastation but what I do know is that the WORLD needs more LOVE, COMPASSION, KINDNESS and RESPECT for others…if we ALL move forward with these qualities in our heart, reflecting our daily actions, the WORLD would change, one person at a time.

I am GRATEFUL for my life. I am GRATEFUL for the people in my life. Today I honour YOUR life by living MY life to the best of my ability…HELPING, LOVING, and extending KINDNESS and COMPASSION wherever I go.

From my heart to yours,



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