My Dream – My Life

Have you ever given up on something? I’m sure most of us have at one point or another. Perhaps it was a dream you had but life threw you some curve balls, and you lost your way. You decided the dream was IMPOSSIBLE, NOT REALISTIC or you just weren’t WORTHY of such a dream happening to you. The glimmer in your eye slowly went out and you accepted the dream was lost…but does it still live in your heart?

If you think about it, does your dream still burn like that last ember of a fire…with a little life blown into it, a new fire would emerge?

I have a plant.

According to my Mom who has the same plant, it should bloom. Well, I’ve had this plant for easily 15 years and it has never bloomed. It has never even tried to bloom from what I could see and I honestly thought it never would bloom. So why keep it? I BELIEVED if my Mom could get her plant to bloom, maybe I could get mine to bloom so I continued to give it water and a happy place by the window.

I didn’t give up on the plant. I didn’t throw it out because I never saw it bloom…despite years of lugging this plant around…I continued to water it and quietly BELIEVED in the POSSIBILITY it ‘might’ bloom. (Read that paragraph again, it’s an important one.)

I’m happy to say, after years and years of sitting in a corner, the plant has finally produced sweet pink flowers!

At some point, this plant created small buds, (which I never noticed), that eventually opened up into very fragrant, waxy, long lasting pink flowers. I’m not sure how long they were there before I noticed but I squealed with delight! I called my Mom, so excited:

“Mom! Guess what? The plant! The plant! It finally bloomed! I did it!!”

Sometimes, DREAMS TAKE TIME…sometimes dreams take a very, very VERY long time!

  • Give your dream some SPACE…but still continue to do REGULAR MAINTENANCE towards your vision.
  • Give your dream some LIGHT…perhaps a NEW PERSPECTIVE.
  • Give your dream some LIFE; give it some energy and nourishment such as I did by watering the plant.

UNDERSTAND that even though you may not see the dream working, sometimes when you least expect it, it will start to become a REALITY.

Your dream is being CREATED, one day at a time as long as you don’t give up on it and you put some POSITIVE ENERGY into it.

Ultimately if it’s still LIVING (in your heart, mind, thoughts and actions), then it’s not dying. If you continue to put ENERGY towards it, spend some TIME on it, breathe some LIFE into it; it is not dying…the minute you stop, it will start to wither, fade and eventually die.

Giving up on your dream, can be like giving up on yourSELF. Please, don’t give up. Sometimes dreams come wrapped in different colors than what you’d expect…or from a different direction than you anticipated…they take longer than you thought and maybe it’s not exactly how you imagined…but it’s there for you waiting to be HEARD, ACKNOWLEDGED, ACTIVATED and APPRECIATED…

The life of your dream is kept alive by the BELIEF in yourSELF. Your DREAMS are an important part of YOU.

So for today, think about this:
With a smile and a loving heart,



  1. shannon says:

    Loved this blog Tina…miss reading your blogs..miss you and love you!!

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