I Love…

I learn so much from my current and former students (I call them FAMILY) and today’s post is a great example. Sometimes in the midst of change, challenges or adversity, you have to remind yourself of what makes your heart happy.

Here is Kayla’s answer to “What do you love?”. Thank you my darling for allowing me to share your beautiful heart with others:

I love to act. I love to dance. I love to spin and move until my head gets dizzy and my mind is in a haze. I love to sing at the top of my lungs while driving down the highway after school or going to the movies. I love when the wind dances through my hair and I get chills down my spine. I love the summer. I love the fall. I love the look of the leaves when they turn from green to yellow…and then yellow to orange. I love seeing dragonflies in August and how they make me feel safe because they represent my uncle who passed away and it makes me feel like he’s protecting me. I love strawberries and red grapes. I love laughing. I love the feeling you get when you catch yourself smiling for no reason at all…just because you’re happy. I love music that makes you feel; that soothes you; that makes you think. I love bubble baths and getting manicures. I love bright lipstick and I love big comfy sweaters. I love shoes. Oh do I LOVE shoes….I love the colour purple and orange and mixing pink and orange together so it looks like rainbow sherbet. I love having my green tea every morning by 10:00 am. I love wearing fuzzy socks to bed. I love looking at pictures of Paris. I love writing. I love pug dogs… because they are so helpless and adorable and weird and they make me happy. I like poetry about love and friendship. I love old movies. I love weird shaped rings. I love glitter and things that sparkle. I love getting crazy nail designs. I love yoga. I love doing something that is so incredibly hard and then accomplishing it…and that feeling you get afterward that screams I DID IT! I love feeling fearless. I love feeling at peace. I love skiing in the winter time and flying into the air, not knowing whether you’re going to fall on your face or if your skis will find the snow in the right place. I love going to the beach and going for walks in the park in the late afternoon. I love to run. I love girl’s road trips and stopping to take silly side-of-the-road pictures to give evidence to our adventure. I love my dad’s homemade soup on a cold day… or any day. I love when he calls me and somehow knows exactly what to say to make me feel better. I love my best friend. I love how I feel like she is exactly me in a different body form…yet she is so uniquely herself…and she is such a beautiful person. I love Winnie the pooh. I love floating down the channel in Penticton and feeling so out of control and yet liberated at the same time. I love singing in front of the mirror to Cheap Trick and swooning over Jack Johnson while driving to work on Saturday mornings. I love finding quotes that make me smile. I love printed scarves. I love walking through Yaletown. I love adventuring in downtown Toronto and deciding last minute which street to turn onto next. I love shopping! I love the smell of brown sugar perfume and the taste of coconut. I love carrot cake on my Mom’s birthday. I love how my family knows that I love chocolate covered almonds and green tea gingerale….and that they always seem to end up on my bedside table when I’m ill. I love laughing until my throat hurts and I’m literally rolling on the floor. I love lying flat on my bed staring at my roof feeling so infinitely free and full of life and a grin creeps onto my face and I feel like hugging myself. I love not knowing what I’m going to do tomorrow, but knowing that it doesn’t matter as long as I’m with a certain someone. I love feeling rebellious. I love running and sliding on linoleum floors with my socks on and doing air guitar while belting out the lyrics to “What I Like About You” by the Romantics… I love talking until the sun comes up. I love Finding Nemo. I love going to the movies and sharing popcorn on Tuesdays. I love the smell of orchids when you first step outside in Honolulu. I love going outside right after it has stopped raining. I love letting the sun dry my skin after going swimming. I love the gingersnaps our neighbour brings us at christmas time and how they are always still warm when I open the tin. I love seeing couples…especially old couples, who are so in love I can’t help but smile and admire the magic that is between them. I love the idea of having a soul mate. I love going to see live music at small, cozy pubs and coffee shops. I love sipping tea and having conversations that makes my heart ping. I love incorporating my own weird, personal dialect whenever I can. I love making people think. I love learning something new or finding a song that makes me say to myself: How did I not find you sooner? I love listening to a new song over and over again until I memorize the lyrics and make my own meaning of them. I love feeling alive.

It’s such a great answer; I love it! She’s inspired me to start my own list…I encourage you to do the same!

With a smile,


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