The Time Is NOW

It has been an interesting couple of weeks since I last wrote. I have had incredible conversations with amazing people and a powerful epiphany that continues to reinforce the same message I’ve been hearing and experiencing since mid February.

The epiphany came to me while I was driving. For me, driving is almost like a meditation, although aware of the road, my mind also empties and then fills with creativity and answers.

This time I had a very clear message, given to me as a vision:

I’m 95 years old, lying in a bed with soft cotton sheets and a light blanket around me. I am frail, tiny and literally taking my last breath in…

I realized that final breath of life contained all the information I missed over the years.

A profound wisdom overcame me because I never understood the POWER I possessed, nor did I realize the beautiful human being I was…

In that moment, at 95 years old, I understood on the deepest level that I’d never truly expressed all I could be, in fact, I was so scared, I hid from my own self and therefore I was frightened to share it with others…

That breath showed me all the people I MISSED helping because I was too afraid to embrace who I was and share all that I have.

What a powerful vision. I do not want my final breath to be the moment when I realize the incredible ENERGY, POWER and LOVE I possess was not even close to being utilized…that I, Tina Moore, created blocks and obstacles diverting my real purpose and making my journey more complicated than necessary.

I realized in that moment, driving my car…


Later on, I watched “Eat Pray Love“. Every time I see the movie, I get something else…this time it was a particular phrase:

God dwells within you, as you.

You decide what “God” means to you…whether it’s spirit, higher power, universal energy, instinct etc…

That inner light you possess is your individual, private telephone line to wisdom and knowledge which acts as your guiding force.

As I watched the movie I realized how disrespectful I have been to that guiding force…to the God that dwells within me…

To not LISTEN and in fact, to condemn mySELF, I ignore and condemn the God or the higher source of POWER, LOVE, KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM that lives within me.

I had this “A-HA!” moment where I realized how incredibly disrespectful I have been to this source. Any negative thought, action or doubt is profoundly disrespectful to the incredible power we have all been given to access as our personal life coach.


I did not beat myself up over this new clarity, in fact, I began to feel enormous GRATITUDE for my life…my creativity, empathy, health, my voice, relationships etc … all the experiences, opportunities and beauty my life possesses…

I have struggled, sometimes fighting for my sanity, protecting my body, and battling fear, doubt, shame or self loathing. Circumstances were sometimes out of my control and extremely damaging BUT consistently present in my life was the inner force having all the power to HEAL, GROW and RISE above the ashes…


Look in the mirror and honor the miracle of your life…honor the pain and struggles you have SURVIVED…honor the unlimited POWER and LOVE you possess…EMBRACE all that you are; do not be afraid of your power.

God dwells within you, as YOU.

With love and a smile,




  1. So beautiful, so true. No God but God; no me but me. Gorgeous!

  2. april says:

    This is awesome. Once again Tina, you have nailed it! Love you! Keep going!

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