Believe In Each Other

Victoria Marathon

Although the image is not from the Boston Marathon, I thought the energy and spirit of support was a great message to share and embrace.

I am affected by any violence in our world. Whether it is a single act upon one individual or a massive attack towards a group of people, in the end it is someone’s son or daughter getting injured or killed. No matter what country, race or religion it always comes down to that basic fact. A parent is grieving for their child and quite possibly a child is mourning their parent or maybe siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents or friends.

I find it difficult to adequately articulate and honor the deep heartbreak and range of emotions from losing people you love.

As a runner and someone who uses running as a way to connect to my INSTINCT, challenge my FEARS, achieve my GOALS, build CONFIDENCE, celebrate LIFE, bond with FRIENDS and live in JOY, the explosions at the Boston Marathon have another layer.

For something so devastating and traumatic to happen to something that encompasses HEALTH, WELLNESS, SUPPORT, PASSION, DEDICATION and CELEBRATION is deeply sad to me.

I’ve heard the words “terrorist attack” be used in connection to this recent tragedy. I started thinking about that word and paying attention to what others had to say…”TERROR-ist”…ATTACK…

The phrase itself invokes FEAR.

It is a person or group wanting to inflict FEAR, TERROR, VIOLENCE or INTIMIDATION upon others, usually for political reasons according to the dictionary.

I decided I can be horrified, sad and enraged but I can’t BELIEVE in the fear and ‘terror’ executed in these attacks.

I think it’s important to recognize, honor and empathize with the senseless violence, the devastation, deaths, injuries and horrific trauma people experienced but we should be mindful of the FEAR the bombers and some articles or reports are feeding us.

Believing in the fear limits our human experience and feeds negativity. Believing in fear can morph into anger, hatred and turn violent. It can also shut people down so they no longer do things that they enjoy, limiting their life experiences.

As the runners in the event display with their COMMITMENT to training, PASSION towards reaching their goal and incredible COURAGE to go out and run despite countless obstacles mentally, emotionally and physically WE MUST RISE UP AND NOT ALLOW FEARS TO LIMIT OUR LIFE.

As the many volunteers and spectators who SUPPORT and cheer them on, honoring the STRENGTH it takes to push through in difficult circumstances, WE MUST SUPPORT EACH OTHER, ENCOURAGE AND EMBRACE HUMANITY.

We must continue to BELIEVE in one another and not allow the fear or terror to dictate our life and how we treat one another.

“What is this world coming to?”

We are coming to the aid of others. We are coming together to support those in need of blood transfusions, a place to stay, a hug, medical attention, and without a second thought offering love and kindness.


With love,



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