Counting Stars

When was the last time you counted stars?

I was in Kamloops this weekend for graduation celebrations. I also had a fantastic business meeting, visited my Mom whom I miss very much, shared wonderful moments with people I love and celebrated a surprise 50th birthday with some friends. It was my usual type of weekend jam packed with going here and there from morning to night…

It was Saturday night and I was at the birthday celebration. It was great to see all those amazing people, laugh and share stories. As I was saying my goodbye’s I walked outside into the back yard.

My seven year old nephew was on his back on the grass. He had brought out a blanket and pillow and was just staring at the sky.

I asked:

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, just counting stars.”

I smiled. Here in front of me, a young seven year old boy was teaching me a great lesson. I asked if I could join him. He agreed.

We looked at the stars…he’d found 9 at that point and then his sister joined us.

The three of us stared up at the beautiful sky and sometimes we talked, laughed and counted and other times we were still and quiet, lost in the beauty of the night…they counted stars…I counted blessings…both are the same thing if you think about it.

What an absolute gift he gave me that night. The time I spent being still, looking at the sky and embracing the absolute LOVE and JOY I have for these kids made my heart smile all the way home. All my BLESSINGS warmed my soul that night as I thought about the day, the laughter, the absolute pride and happiness I felt towards former students as they graduated and the PRECIOUS TIME spent with those I LOVE. It was the perfect way to end my Saturday.

I think if we all did that after a day of work, looking after children, laundry, dishes, yard work and dealing with the stress and overwhelm of life maybe we’d SLEEP a little better…maybe we’d find a little more GRATITUDE…maybe we’d feel a little more LOVE, KINDNESS and COMPASSION…maybe we’d experience a bit more PEACE…and maybe we’d realize NOW is all the TIME we have and to use it wisely.

I wish you a beautiful Tuesday my friends.

With a smile,




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