Morning Meditation

“Death of an idea can be the birth of creativity” ~ Tina Moore

Some mornings I wake up and before I do anything, there are words of wisdom, thoughts to ponder, voice of God/Spirit/Faith/Love or Source/Energy already placed on my lips, ready to be spoken out loud and shared.

“Death of an idea can be the birth of creativity”

Yesterday, that phrase rung in my ears and settled into my heart. I wondered what it meant and yet, I think I already knew…

I have been pushing, pulling, dragging and forcing certain things in my life and it’s like pushing a river up a mountain…it naturally wants to flow the other way…try as you might and as brilliant as you think you are, pushing that river is not going to happen because it goes against the flow of nature…

Through the death of my ideas (Ego) I allowed the BIRTH of creativity (Heart/Spirit/Instinct/Purpose).

As an artistic and creative person, I understand the creative process. If you force it or judge it, the energy doesn’t flow nearly as well…it might trickle in or not be available at all. You begin to create blocks and those blocks can quickly turn into walls. Those walls are internal not external. I find this happens when fear, stress, overwhelm, expectations and assumptions begin to rule the mind.

Sit still; focus on your INTENTION; realize the true PURPOSE; LISTEN to INSTINCT; have a little FAITH and the creativity flows naturally with ease.

“Death of an idea can be the birth of creativity”.

It’s good to create goals, make a plan, organize your day, keep to schedules but sometimes we need to let go of that for a moment and allow the birth of creativity to flow through us without pushing the timing, having expectations, adding stress or worrying about the ‘to do’ list that hovers above our heads and instead allow the energy, love and creativity to reach our hearts. It is here we honour our JOY.

Today’s morning message had to do with HOPE: Honoring Our Purpose Even when we are scared.

I am very grateful for these morning meditations or gifts from the quietened mind. I believe they are coming more frequently to me because I start and end my day with reading material that connects me to heart/love/spirit/faith/guidance. I also journal every morning and meditate every morning and evening. It’s a practice that is bringing more PEACE and CLARITY into my life. Sometimes I don’t necessarily know what I’m supposed to be learning from certain events but I know in time, the answers are always revealed.

Ultimately, I believe this daily practise will create miracles.

It most certainly infuses new positive and focused energy into my day.

How are you starting your day? Are you putting positive, nurturing and loving thoughts and energy into your consciousness? Are you opening yourself up to RECEIVE? These are questions I ask myself and so I ask them of you as well…

Thanks for being here; I appreciate YOU.

With a smile,


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