Open Your Heart…Open Your Life

I love people. I don’t always love what they do or cruel words they may say, but I am a people person and I enjoy hearing the stories of others and learning from their experiences.

Last week was Halloween. I am in a prime area with lots of kids showing up at the door. I engaged with each one of them through a compliment and conversation asking them about their costume and getting them into ‘character’. I love kids and it was such a FUN night. My friend decorated and we visited until the next knock on the door…

Two fellows stopped by collecting food for the food bank through They were university students. My friend and I gave them some canned goods then casually said they should stop by later for whatever was left of the candy…and a glass of wine.

Well, later that night there was a knock on the door and there they were! I was quite surprised…why would two university students want to hang out with two women twice their age?!

It was great fun…we had an interesting conversation about their schooling, history, art, psychology, bullying, their family history etc. We had snacks, a glass of wine and it was the perfect way to end the evening.

Some may think I’m foolish for opening my home up to two strangers…some may think I’m being a ‘cougar’ since they are young men in university…others may think they wanted something else other than the lovely conversation we had between the four of us.

I choose to live in a world where I can open up my home to a person I don’t know and they will leave as a friend…and that is exactly what happened…hugs out the door…smiles all around…it was a fun and interesting night. I am grateful they took us seriously and came back to say hello.

We continue to keep in touch. Isn’t that great?

Isn’t that what life is about…connection of the human heart?

Open your door. Open your heart. Open your life and you will receive great gifts.

With a smile,



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