Dying Car + Martini Meltdown Does NOT = Broken Down Woman

This week my car died.  Initially, I didn’t handle the news well.  I knew it was coming but it just hit me on the wrong day.

Maybe it’s PMS, or the fact my body was a little achy or maybe it’s fighting the fight alone for so long, whatever it was, after talking to the mechanic, I poured myself a martini, sat in front of the TV and cried. I allowed myself to just sit there and let it out.  The loneliness, sadness, the endless stress around money and the weariness I feel of having to handle things alone.  I was tired of it and so I let the tears fall.

It’s a car; it’s not the end of the world.  I am humbled every day by people who are fighting real fights, far more difficult than a broken down car and stress around money. 

A few years ago, the martinis would have kept flowing along with the tears.  The anxiety would have got the best of me. But I’m different now.

Now, I have the awareness and skills to make different choices. I am stronger. I am physically stronger and I am emotionally stronger, but I also have bad days and so on Friday, I wept on the couch…

I cried because I thought:

 “I wish someone was here to wrap their arms around me and tell me it’ll be ok.”

 “Why am I always alone?!”

“Why is this so hard?”

 “Why can’t I just get a little help?”

Ah yes, that little victim inside me had a lot to say and I let her say it.  She went on and on and on …I just let her talk…and cry…and together we sat on the couch, eating popcorn, sipping a vodka martini watching Sex in the City. 


It was a sunny day and I had to do some hill training.  It was good timing. Hills require an extra push, extra energy and focus.  Hills have truly saved me from myself.  So I took all that sadness, loneliness and stress and put it into the mountain.  I pushed myself, but I KNEW IT WOULD GET ME OUT OF THE RUT I WAS TRYING TO PUT MYSELF IN. 

I used to be a victim.  I used to have no control over my life. I used to have no skills. 

Today life is different. 

Today it is up to ME to change my life, and create what I see for myself and I don’t see a life that incorporates more than one martini over more than one night crying as I watch Sex in the City!

No, today, I have CHOICES. I can choose to face situations from a victim’s perspective or from an empowered perspective.  I give the victim her time to say whatever she has to say so she feels heard, but ultimately she no longer has the final say.

Today my life is a thousand times better than it was just two years ago.  My life is better than it was six months ago. 


Internally I am healthier and therefore the rest of my life will reflect that. 

Am I stressed over money?  Absolutely.  It is a huge stress for me right now. One that gives me bad dreams or doesn’t let me sleep at all; however, I am equally focused on changing that situation, as I am training for this marathon.  It is with that DETERMINATION and FOCUS that my life will CHANGE. 

Really the car is a blip on the radar.  Money is stressful, but I am healthy, I am capable and I am determined.  NO OPTION TO FAIL.  It really is a fantastic motto for all areas of your life.

So cheers to my old car…and here’s to a week of blessings for you all,

With a smile


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  1. Janice says:

    Great blog Tina,
    You write from the heart and I like it! So easy to relate to!
    You are amazing and may love and abundance flow to you!

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