Have You Hit A Wall?

I have been asked many times,

“Have you ever hit a wall?”

I always reply,

“No, so far, I’ve never hit a wall.”

Sometimes joggers will say they’ve hit a wall and they have to stop running because their body just doesn’t have the strength to go on. So far, I’ve been able to push myself through, either by sheer determination or by changing my walk / run ratio.

Now, ask me that question again,

“Tina Moore, have you ever hit a wall?”

My response is,

“Yes, absolutely…many times.”

What is the difference? The difference is the wall I am referring to now is a wall I was hitting before I started jogging. It is a wall built of fear, guilt, depression, anxiety, shame, insecurity, frustration, and abuse. That wall was built high and very strong.

I used to hit against that wall, so frustrated I couldn’t break through. I would claw at the wall, desperate to see the other side. I would sit against the wall, exhausted from trying to get past it. I would look up at that wall and think,

“How will I ever get through it?”

It was exhausting, depressing and sometimes felt so hopeless.

Then one day I realized the way to get through the wall was the same way the wall was built. One brick at a time.

First I had to recognize the wall even existed.

Then I had to examine each brick and label it so I knew what it was and where it came from. Some of the bricks I put there and some of the bricks, others had put there.

Once the bricks were labeled clearly, I had to decide how I was going to take them down.

What did I need to do? IT WAS A CALL FOR ACTION.

Some of the bricks were PEOPLE and once I realized those people were stopping me from being my authentic, true self, I had to deal with them. This is an ongoing process but I got rid of a couple real big ones. That was very difficult, but very healing and it opened up a large portion of the wall for me. Now, the light was shining through and I could see clearly what was ahead of me.

Dealing with FEAR is a life-long challenge, but being aware of what you are fearful of is the first step. Sometimes it can be tricky…procrastination, for example, can be fear in disguise.

The bricks can be negative thoughts and emotions, people, actions, your past, your job, your relationships. It can be addictions and behaviors. It can be the negative voice inside that tries to sabotage your life when you are doing well. It can be guilt, shame, bitterness, anger, chaos, denial, loneliness. It can be isolation, control, abuse, insults, broken promises, lack of action, and blaming others.

The wall is a puzzle, and each brick is connected to the other. With a true desire to understand where they came from and then the courage to change, YOU WILL TEAR DOWN YOUR WALL.

I hope today you look at what kind of wall you have in front of you and YOU decide that you aren’t going to hit that wall anymore. YOU have the control and the ability to tear it down, brick by brick. YOU are strong enough; start with one brick…

With a smile


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