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Photograph taken by Carmen How

Tina’s In The Paper!

It’s true; I was chosen as one of the featured runners in Kamloops The Daily News. They are following my training for The Daily News Boogie the Bridge half marathon in May. What cracks me up is that I am considered the “Veteran” runner. If you asked me two years ago if I thought I’d be featured in a newspaper as a Veteran Runner, I would have laughed, picked up my wine glass, taken a sip, changed the channel to “Survivor” and said,

“Don’t be ridiculous”.

Jogging has changed my life!

Tina’s Favorite Quote Of The Week (I LOVE it!):

LIVE without pretending, LOVE without depending, LISTEN without defending, SPEAK without offending.

Best Quote Heard While Running:

Jogging not only is good for my health, but it’s also a social outlet, so I can kill two birds with one stone.

Favorite Day Of The Week?

RUNday (Or FUNday)

March 10, 2011 – STRETCHES WITH JODY

Today was great. Jody, from Leapfit, went through some fantastic stretches that really got to my core problems: tight calves, irritated shins and tight hip flexors and quads. Yup, I am a bit of a mess but I think these stretches are going to help. We also decided to slow down my schedule a bit. No hill training for a couple weeks because the motion of my ankle (affected by my tight calves) is limited and therefore affecting the front of my leg. I am also lowering my mileage a bit for this month then will increase towards the end of the month and begin to taper for the half marathon in May.

I also got my jogging magazine in the mail. To me, it’s like an old friend stopping by. I read it before I go to bed, which inspires me to get up the next morning.

March 11, 2011 – 9K JOG (10 minute run/1 minute walk)

I feel like going to bed. I just feel very sad today. I haven’t felt like this in a while so it feels foreign to me, which is a nice change from it feeling so familiar like before. Having sadness today feels wrong on some level because I feel like I’m dishonoring all my current blessings. I will jog it out and know I’ll feel better.

I ran 9k and definitely feel better. I passed the time by thinking about my life before I jogged and how much better it is now. When that sadness grabs hold, jogging seems to be the only thing that shakes it up and helps release it. I’m so grateful to jogging for that.

March 12, 2011 – REST

March 13, 2011 – 12K JOG (8 minute run / 2 minute walk)

I ran with the RunClub today in Kamloops, BC and it was a blast. I have been doing 10/1’s but since the group was starting at 8/2’s I did as well. I am completely comfortable with that decision because I am easing off on my training a bit due to some soreness in my right side (calf, shin and hip flexor). I don’t want the pain to turn into something worse, something that will need complete rest. I want to keep training so I’m listening to my body, doing more stretches, coldwater therapy or icing my shin and easing off on the intensity.

Running with friends and meeting up for a visit afterwards was such a treat for me. Jogging is more than just running, it’s a way to be social too. I love it.

March 14, 2011 – REST

March 15, 2011 – SPEED TRAINING (5 minute w/up, 2 laps fast, 1 lap recover x 5, cool down)

I felt better after 35 minutes of running than I did in the first 10 minutes. It’s important to give yourself the stretching and slow jog to warm up. The body needs time before it feels loose yet strong. I was a little stiff to start; my calves are holding onto tension. This time I focused my energy on relaxing my calves into the step. It helped a lot. I was able to take the tightness out of them and as a result I had a really strong run today. I was amazed that 2 laps (1/2 mile) went by as quickly as it did just focusing and listening to my body, and sending my calves the message that they don’t have to tighten to move forward. They can relax.

This was a great workout. I felt strong, relaxed, and confident that even though I’m easing off on the intensity of the training, I am not losing anything. Listening to what your body is telling you is so important.


I’m struggling with managing my time to make sure I get my work done and train. It’s a challenge and I know it’s a challenge for most people. Juggling work, home, kids, relationships, family obligations, cleaning, laundry, cooking dinner, getting groceries and all the other things that occupy our day. Not to mention, getting enough sleep! I don’t have children but I am self-employed and the only way I’ll pay my bills is if I AM WORKING. So I’ve had a lot of deadlines, meetings, and details to deal with this week.

Bottom line: Training has to be a priority, if it isn’t, it will be the first to get bumped off your to-do list, and added to your “I’ll do it tomorrow” list…and you and I both know that the tomorrow list rarely gets done.

Listen to your body!



Don’t do too much too soon!

Have FUN!

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