A Few Good Men

These are just a few of the incredible men I am blessed to know. Some are fathers and others may not have children of their own but still have an enormous impact on the lives of kids and young adults. Since Sunday was Father’s Day I wanted to acknowledge the exceptional men in the world: the men who understand RESPECT, INTEGRITY and HONESTY.

Thank you.

I’ve known some pretty rotten men and you confirm that it’s the person that’s rotten, not the gender. I adore men and feel blessed to have such quality men in my life. Men who understand how to be supportive, how to listen, communicate and speak the truth. These are loving, funny, kind, strong, and talented men.

To the fathers who are LISTENING, LOVING, NURTURING, VALIDATING and SUPPORTING their children:

Thank you.

Your presence in your children’s lives is invaluable. You are a role model to your sons by showing them what it means to be a good man. You are an example of how to communicate, be respectful, work hard and live with integrity. You prove a man can be strong and still show emotion.Your daughters look to you as the example on how a man should treat a woman. Your influence in their decisions on male/female relationships is profound. Their self-esteem is based on your involvement in their life.

Thank you for being strong, loving, kind, generous men: generous with your time, your emotion and your love .

Father’s Day is an interesting day for those of us who didn’t have that positive male role model growing up. My father neglected to validate, love, nurture or support me. I didn’t feel safe and I definitely wasn’t heard. I had the opposite and yet, I loved him. He didn’t deserve it but that’s what children do: they love.

As an adult, I was introduced to a family who embraced me as their own child. They are my friend’s parents but they are like my own. Their presence in my life has had a deep and profound impact.

I don’t need my birth father because I have someone who exemplifies ‘Dad’.

I am blessed that their children accept and embrace me with open arms and allow me to share their parents. They have given me a gift and for that I am grateful.

Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want so you have to create it, even in the case of a parent. There are other options and choices out there and there are certainly more than a few good men in the world.

Thank you to all the respectful, loving and generous men. Thank you for having INTEGRITY, MORALS and being true to your VALUES. Thank you for being positive role models through your ACTIONS and not just your words. Thank you for restoring my faith that there are indeed more than a few good men…

With a smile,


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