THE Jog Blog – 32

A plaque on my seawall jog

Tina’s Jogging Motto:

I feel good. I feel strong. (Repeat as many times as necessary)

The Magic Hour:

I love jogging in the morning. The air is fresh and it isn’t too busy. Peace and tranquility is the perfect way to start your day.

Tina’s Next Run:

In nine days I will be running with my dear friends in the Vancouver Scotia Bank Half Marathon. I am so excited to run with these ladies! Registration closes on Monday, so if you are still thinking about it…don’t think, DO!

How To Run Through “The Wall” Training Tips Based On My Experience:

For me, “The Wall” is a mental block, not a physical block. I have never hit a wall (knock on wood) so far that I haven’t been able to shift my thinking and work through. Remember: You CAN do it. You WILL do it. You ARE doing it!

  1. I had to run 19K alone this past weekend. When you begin a long run, don’t start too fast too soon. Even though you have lots of energy, you must PACE yourself or you’ll burn out before the finish. Don’t let yourself be swayed by the music (if you listen to music) or other runner’s passing you. Conserve your energy; you’ll need it.
  2. I don’t run with music so I’m running 19K alone, with just my thoughts. How do I do it? Well, I process a lot of my emotions and stress and then I observe and appreciate what’s around me – the ocean, the animated conversations of people walking by or if I’m lucky, I’ll spot a harbour seal poking his head out of the water. I am still discovering new things on routes I’ve ran for over two years!
  3. If you still feel like you are hitting a wall mid run, trust me when I tell you if you keep moving that wall will slowly fade and you will get your second wind. I felt that way this weekend but by 15K after running through it, I had more energy and new life in my step.
  4. Repeat a motto so no negative words can enter your head. Make sure you are well hydrated and don’t forget to refuel by taking some gels or gummies. If you need to take a couple extended walk breaks (3 minutes instead of 2 minutes) do so. Your body just might need that extra rest to repair and revive itself.


My dear friend and trainer, Jody Kennett from Leapfit and I are running 10K in The Underwear Affair on July 9th to raise awareness for cancer’s below the belt. Our goal is to fundraise $500 each. We both have personal reasons for doing this run.

I personally have been affected with cancer below the belt so I am running for my own health and prevention. I recently learned my dear aunt was diagnosed with Uterine cancer. I will be running for her, and her daughter (my cousin). Both are strong, beautiful women.

Jody is running for two very special people in her life. Her Dad has survived both prostrate and bladder cancer. In addition, he is currently recovering from the removal of his kidney due to cancer. He is a three time cancer survivor! Another family member was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. The size of her tumour was 14 cm and she was not aware it was there.

Education of what to look for, awareness of the symptoms, and research for a cure can save a life!

I don’t know of one person who hasn’t been affected by cancer in some way or another. Please help us raise awareness, raise funds and reach our goal.

We will be jogging IN OUR UNDERWEAR (I’ve only done this in the privacy of my own home on the treadmill, so this will be an interesting experience and a lovely bonding moment for Jody and I! Ha ha)

Please CLICK HERE to make a donation.

From the bottom of my heart ~ THANK YOU ~

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend full of LOVE and GRATITUDE…and make sure you LAUGH. It’s good for the soul. See you on Tuesday!

With a smile,


PS. My website will be getting a ‘check-up’ this weekend so if you are trying to access it or you’ve passed it on and your friend has trouble logging on, please try again in a few hours. THANK YOU!

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