THE Jog Blog – 43

Happy Feet!

As I’ve mentioned before, new shoes are very important. Since my full marathon is a stone’s throw away, I need to put some miles in new runners before I jog that distance. LadySport gave me EXCEPTIONAL service as usual when I got my new Mizunos. Click HERE to see all the fun stuff they have; they even have kids shoes!

New Place!

Yes, earlier in the month I moved into into my new home. I love where I live. Manifesting your life creates such blessings…it also created a sore back! Thankfully with all the lifting of boxes, cleaning and sorting over the last few weeks, I’ve got Benita, from Ocean Wellness to put me back together again.

What To Do When You Have A “Bad” Run - Training Tips Based On My Experience:

People will tell you, there are no bad runs if you are out there doing it. There is truth in that; however, there are also ‘not great’ runs where it seems near impossible to get through and when you’re done, you are just thankful it’s over. This is what I do with those less than inspiring jogs.

1. LET IT GO – On Monday I had a difficult run and it was only around 6K so it wasn’t one of my long runs. I was just having an ‘off’ day. If this happens to you, remember to not allow this run to affect other runs. It’s one day and you got through it – move on. Don’t dwell on it or beat yourself up. That’s not going to help you. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

2. REST - It’s important to make sure you aren’t doing too much and your body is just tired! If that’s the case, please, take the day or two and rest up. The next run will be stronger and more energized and your mind will be more focused.

3. STOP THE NEGATIVITY – This is kind of like the first point. Don’t allow that negative voice inside your head to ‘run’ with the thought that you are somehow a ‘bad’ jogger, or you are weak, lazy or whatever terrible things it might tell you. This is a time to be kind and gentle towards yourself. Have a shower and go on with the rest of your day leaving the negativity behind you, in the laundry basket with your sweaty socks.

4. CONGRATULATE YOURSELF – I realize this is difficult to do when you’ve just experienced a slow jog that felt like your legs were in cement and your stomach was negotiating with a bad chicken bone. Congratulate yourself because you got through it when it really sucked. BRAVO!!

With kids back in school and finally getting into routine, make sure YOU carve out a little time for yourSELF to refuel, recharge and revitalize. You will have far more energy for that to-do list and you’ll be more patient and loving towards those around you as a result.

Take a minute, stop, and breathe.

I take my own advice and it really helps to get your energy back up and ready for the next round.

Have a safe and happy weekend! See you on Tuesday.

With a smile,


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