Choose YOU – What Does That Mean?

In previous blogs, I’ve often said, “Choose YOU” but what do I mean?

Do I mean push your way to the front of the line when there are others ahead of you? Brag about how fast you can run, how much money you made last week or what your boyfriend bought you when you know your friend is so broke she can’t pay her phone bill? Do I mean that you fend for youself and don’t extend a kind gesture toward a stranger because you are in a hurry?

Goodness, NO!

Those examples are all EGO.

When I say choose YOU, I do not mean choose EGO.

Choose YOU means:

  • Choose INSTINCT
  • Choose INTEGRITY
  • Choose HONESTY
  • Choose your natural state of being which is LOVE.

Choose YOU means you honour youSELF by listening and respecting that quiet voice that tells the TRUTH.

Your EGO lies; INSTINCT always tells the TRUTH.

Choose YOU means you pay attention to that quiet WISDOM that says, “Don’t trust this person” even though they may seem like the nicest person in the world. Choose YOU means if something doesn’t feel right, you pay attention.

EGO is created, INSTINCT you are born with.

Choose YOU means you take CARE of yourSELF so you are more available to others. By exercising, eating healthy and taking time to sit and reflect in quiet solitude for a few minutes each day, you are creating positive energy to give to those around you.

Choose YOU means you no longer PEOPLE PLEASE to the detriment of your time, emotions and energy.

Choose YOU means you give to yourSELF what you give to others: RESPECT, LOVE, KINDNESS, PATIENCE, NURTURING, VALIDATION and SUPPORT.

Choose YOU means that you understand SELF CARE IS NOT SELFISH.

Choose YOU means you live a life of AUTHENTICITY by honouring your word to yourSELF as well as to others.

Choose YOU is the furthest place from EGO. It’s not about hurting others or ignoring their needs or being rigid in your life and not allowing others to enter your heart. Nor is it about being first, right, better than, rude, distant, selfish or cold.

It’s the opposite.

It’s honouring the very essence of who you are so you can live life OPENLY, AUTHENTICALLY and LOVINGLY. You can be more giving, more vulnerable and more trusting because you listen to your inner voice and you honour its wisdom.

Choose YOU, not from a place of EGO, but from a place of INSTINCT.

So my friends, please take care of that beautiful person inside. Nurture, love and respect your voice. Honour and validate your feelings. Take care of the body that houses your soul.

Choose LOVE.




With a smile,


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