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My happy, loving, JOY-full dog was instrumental in changing my life. When I took her for walks she would radiate pure HAPPINESS at the simplest things. I wanted to know what that felt like so I made THE DECISION to change my life.

Since that moment, I have not looked back. THANK YOU MUNCHIE, for helping me see another way to live!

Sometimes you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Here are some jogging tips and the benefits of jogging as told by our furry friends!

JOGGING INCLUDES ALMOST EVERYONE! You will find young, old, tall, short, thin, thick, fast, slow, experienced and new runners. It doesn’t matter what your pace is as long as you do your best and have FUN!

GET GEAR! Make sure you have proper jogging gear especially if you are heading into the winter months. Proper runners are crucial and keeping warm in cold, wet weather is also key. Since we have less daylight hours, don’t forget to choose bright, reflective clothing! LadySport is an excellent source for all your jogging needs.

PREPARE FOR THE MORNING! When you are tired and don’t want to get out of bed it can be difficult to have the motivation to run. The hardest part sometimes is just getting out the door but once you get out there you’ll be glad you did!

POSITIVE SUPPORT! Surround yourself with POSITIVE people who will SUPPORT your fitness goals and limit your time with those negative doubters who will swipe at you to try and bring you down.

RUN WITH A FRIEND! Get a running buddy or join a running group! Having that energy is a great way to keep motivated, make friends and be social! It also makes you accountable on those early mornings when you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

TAKE WALK BREAKS! It’s ok to walk. Your body appreciates the recovery time and as a result you can maintain a stronger pace, have more energy and sustain longer distances by keeping to that regime.

HAVE FUN! Jogging can be really FUN. You can challenge yourself, run with friends, get fresh air, socialize and stay active. It’s about having fun, being healthy and keeping those endorphins pumping so your brain is HAPPY.

COLD WATER THERAPY! Your muscles will thank you for spending 10-15 minutes in cold water after you’ve worked out. It’s proven to help in the recovery process and flush lactic acid, minimizing aches and pains.

LEAVE THE STRESS AT HOME! Jogging is about relieving stress so don’t be hard on yourself if you didn’t have a ‘good run’ today or you didn’t make your personal best time. LET IT GO! You’ll have a better run next time!

I have learned so much from my dog. She helps me be a better person.

So, from Munchie and I, have a HAPPY weekend full of fresh air, friends and family, laughter and FUN! I leave you with a quote:

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself ~ Josh Billings

See you on Tuesday!

With a smile,



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