I LOVE Shoes!

I really LOVE shoes.

In my front hall closet alone, I have 48 pairs of boots and shoes. I come by it honestly as both my Mom and sister love shoes as well…or perhaps it’s just genetically part of woman’s makeup to enjoy a beautiful, well sculptured, finely designed shoe. (Insert happy sigh)

Today I am talking about running shoes.

Not the shoe I would have purchased just a few years ago, but one I now proudly put on every time I train to reach my jogging goals.

Although putting on a pair of stilettos can make me feel strong in a business meeting, putting on a pair of runners makes me feel STRONG in my LIFE.

Finding the correct running shoe is very important.

If you are currently running in old shoes you need to get new ones immediately. Why? Simply put, an old shoe doesn’t have the stability and shock absorption it used to have and this increases your risk of an avoidable injury.

When you set out to purchase a new pair of shoes make sure you wear the sock you intend to use while running. Because your feet swell, do not purchase a shoe that is too small! Oftentimes you will get a half to full size larger than what you would normally wear in a dress shoe.

I am blessed to get my shoes from an amazing source: LadySport.

They really know their stuff. They actually have a 39 page document you can download informing you all about heel counters, rocker soles, toe springs, medial posts, shanks, and board lasting, slip lasting or strobel lasting.

Click on photo to go to LadySport!

The staff at LadySport can talk to you about the foot bed, the foot frame, the cupsole, midsole and the saddle (giddy up!).

Click on image to go to LadySport website!

Their knowledge is extensive and you know when you purchase a shoe from LadySport you are getting the most current information.

As you can see, they also have lots to choose from so you have the opportunity to try different styles and models to get just the right fit.

I wear Mizunos. I’ve tried other brands but that particular shoe seems to make my feet happy…and a happy foot makes a happy Tina.

Investing in a proper running shoe is key to a HEALTHY, SAFE and SUCCESSFUL running program.


Have a wonderful weekend! Today we MARCH into SPRING and I can’t wait to see the new flowers, happy birds and sunshiney days!

With a smile,


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