Living Extraordinary!

Kate Muker - Conscious Divas

What does CONSCIOUS LIVING mean to you?

Are you INSPIRED by what you are doing?

Are you aware of your PATTERNS, CHOICES, ACTIONS and SELF TALK?

SELF AWARENESS, LIVING CONSCIOUSLY, AUTHENTICALLY and with PURPOSE is a life journey we are ALL experiencing. We may be on different paths but we are here to UNDERSTAND, LEARN, GROW, SHARE, LOVE and EXPERIENCE life in its amazing spectrum of colors.

On Friday I had a lovely meeting with Kate Muker, CEO and Publisher of Conscious Divas. Her company brings women together to embrace, nurture, learn, grow and support each other in a community towards living an AUTHENTIC LIFE.

Because I am passionate about LIVING AUTHENTICALLY, I was thrilled to meet Kate and become friends. She is a beautiful person and truly embodies what she shares with others. She lives consciously and practises what she preaches, not without bumps or life lessons along the way but most certainly with AUTHENTICITY, INTEGRITY and HONESTY: Values I respect and appreciate.

Kate is holding an event for MEN and WOMEN called:

Living Extraordinary LIVE!

I am blessed to be a part of this incredible event bringing together 12 speakers, speaking for 7 minutes each with one shared vision:

Inspire passion, evoke conversation and cultivate community.

What I truly LOVE about this event is that when you look at the bios of all the speakers, (CLICK HERE) we are quite different. One may speak on yoga, another on sustainability, another about sex and another about non profit. You may purchase your ticket with one or two speakers in mind but you may receive a PROFOUND MESSAGE FROM AN UNEXPECTED SOURCE. That is the beauty of this kind of event.

I truly believe “what comes from the heart, touches the heart” and that’s why I think this evening of speakers will be so powerful.

I believe in Kate’s vision of bringing people together to create change, conversation and cultivate community.

I also believe when an event is brought together by someone who lives the values she speaks of, the event will be magical. Powerful. EXTRAORDINARY!

Thank you for passing this on to others and allowing them the opportunity to check it out. Please be aware that tickets are limited due to the intimate size of the venue. If you want more information, please CLICK HERE.

I leave you with three words that I focus on every day:




Everyday I consciously remember the enormous power and incredible energy those simple little words create. May you be blessed beyond measure with love, gratitude and joy.

With a smile,



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