Money Is Bad…

I had a blog all ready to go yesterday but I just wasn’t 100% happy with it…there is still something missing from it so I decided not to post.

This morning I went for a jog thinking that the missing piece would appear and I’d post it today.

This did not happen. What happened was I began thinking about money and having a conversation with myself.

Here’s how it went:

Tina 1: Why do I still struggle with money? What’s up with the money wall? Why is that such an issue for me? Why am I uncomfortable around it?

Tina 2: What is your core belief around money and yourSELF?

Tina 1: Money is bad and I want to be good.

Tina 2: W.O.W. Are you kidding me? Is that REALLY what you think?

Tina 1: Ya, I think it is…

Tina 2: You either do or you don’t…is that what you really BELIEVE Tina?

Tina 1: Yes. That is what I believe.

Tina 2: How’s that working for you?!!!!

Tina 1: Not so good…

Tina 2: Exactly!

What an incredibly juvenile, ridiculous statement to make: Money is bad and I want to be good.

I find it a little embarrassing if you really want to know the truth…

And yet, I am so GRATEFUL for my HONESTY because it is only by finding the ROOT BELIEF that I can change it! I have to acknowledge it, as simple, ridiculous, immature and asinine of a thought / belief that it is…

I can’t CHANGE what I don’t ACKNOWLEDGE.

Sometime in my youth, my young little brain made a decision that money was bad and I wanted to be good. That’s a kid talking, not a 43 year old woman!

It’s time to grow up Tina. It’s time to yank out that root belief so you have more room to grow, expand, dig deeper and reach further…

Today, I decided to expose mySELF to make mySELF ACCOUNTABLE…to PROVE to mySELF how ridiculous it is…how LIMITING that core belief is to my life.

Thanks for being here. I’d love to hear your thoughts…

With a smile,



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