That’s A Good Life Choice

I love learning from people. I love little gems that come from conversations…they can seem so simple, small and insignificant but powerful in their message.

A few weeks ago I was hanging out with some people who are near and dear to my heart and the phrase was uttered:

“That’s a good life choice.”

I LOVE THAT PHRASE! IT’S FANTASTIC! I HAVE TO USE IT! Think about it, when you fill your grocery bags with fruit and vegetables you can walk out the door and think:

“That’s a good life choice.”

When you finish dinner and instead of sinking into the couch to watch reruns of old sitcoms you have already seen a thousand times, you go for a walk and get some fresh air:

“That’s a good life choice.”

If you say “NO” to someone when they ask a favor of you instead of feeling guilty and saying “Yes” when you know you don’t have the time, energy or money:

“That’s a good life choice.”

If you hold the door for someone, call up your mother to say hello, shovel your neighbor’s driveway because you know they have the flu or you give your pet some extra snuggles:

“That’s a good life choice.”

If you’ve always wanted to take piano lessons, learn how to drive a standard, make the perfect pastry or read a certain novel and you decide to carve time out of your schedule to do so…

“That’s a good life choice!”

Feeling exhausted from work? Need an extra hour of sleep? Your muscles aching? If you take some time for PROPER SELF CARE (repeat after me):

That's a good life choice!


YES! It sure is! It’s an awesome phrase you can use through your entire day to honor the choices you make and remind yourself to keep choosing your decisions in a healthy way.

I love it. I love, love, love it! IT’S A GOOD LIFE CHOICE!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend full of fresh air, laughter, love and kindness.

With a smile,




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