The Healing Gift Of Nature

I had a great hike into the mountains yesterday. It wasn’t a long hike because I had a couple meetings but I knew I needed some fresh air and time to connect to SELF.

I had never been on this particular trail and I came across a bridge over a very full creek which was loud and forceful. I kept walking up the mountain through big trees, beautiful green moss and ferns.

What time is it? Do I have to get back? Make sure you aren’t late for your appointments…

Chatter started to fill my head.


I watched my dog as she explored the trees, roots, leaves and branches on the forest floor. She was in the moment. I love her for reminding me to take life today…not later today or earlier today…but right NOW…

I kept walking, climbing up and down the trail taking in every detail. The quiet of the forest was peaceful and exactly what I needed. It wasn’t a huge workout for my body but it was a calming of my mind offering serenity and peace.

On my return I stopped at the bridge I had crossed earlier. I stood in the middle facing the water. With spring approaching and the winter snow melting, the water was loud and the sound consumed me. I listened to it roar and let it fill my head.

I had a moment of clarity realizing the very thing I SEEK I also BLOCK due to my deeply rooted belief system.

I took a deep breath and visualized the clean, crisp and powerful water flowing through me…bringing all the things I desire in my life. Because the water was so loud, negative thoughts couldn’t form in my head to counter the visualizing I was doing…

Exhaling, I imagined the water crashing down my walls; which, consciously or unconsciously, I’ve built around what I desire. The negative beliefs, fears and debilitating thoughts were washed down the mountain, into the ocean and far away from my life…

It was a powerful moment – eyes closed – just visualizing, listening to the force of the water surrounded by the quiet of the trees and surrendering myself to that moment.

I love my time with nature because everything becomes crystal clear…I have the quiet but incredibly strong sense of what I need to do and the TRUST I spoke of yesterday to fulfill my purpose.

I realized all I desire to experience in life is trying to make its way to me…I AM THE ONE STOPPING IT.

Just like I visualized with the water, I need to allow life to flow through me…

As I returned home, although I didn’t have a runner’s high, I had a nature high. Connecting with nature is so important to wellness both physically and mentally. I felt happy and serene after that short little hike. I found my inner solitude and it stayed with me for the rest of the day.

If you have the ability to connect with nature this weekend, I highly recommend it. You’ll find it to be very healing.

With a smile,



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