Your Life – Your Movie

I was thinking this weekend how interesting it would be if your life was suspended for a day. You were given a big comfy sofa to sit on with a bowl of buttery popcorn, a fireplace, cozy blanket and fuzzy socks. You were then told to watch your life as a movie…

Think about it…would you be the main character of the movie or would you always have supporting roles in other people’s movies but never be the star of your own show? Would you be in the shadows too scared to come into the spotlight? Would you be brave? Foolish? Bitter? Angry? Satisfied?

For myself, I wondered if in parts I would yell at the screen:

“Tina! Noooo, don’t invest your heart in him…can’t you see the other guy over there…HE loves you…”

Would I hide my head under the covers because my actions are just going to lead to pain…

OR…will I LAUGH so hard at the good times with friends and family or CHEER loudly as I watch myself feel my fears but push through those fears and conquer goals…would I cry with JOY because it felt so good to see that I helped people as I extended my love, kindness and compassion…would I marvel at the places I’d visited and smile at the people I’d met…would I sing along to my life soundtrack…

Would I be PROUD of the life I was watching before me?

How would I react to watching my life on film?

It’s an interesting perspective because it makes you realize your CHOICES right NOW are going to affect your life tomorrow and those same choices may affect someone else and their life movie.

Do I want to be a villain in their movie or a hero? Maybe I’m a character with not a lot of lines but what I do say is memorable…

Do I want to make people laugh? Feel loved? Respected? Heard?

A good movie leaves me thinking, feeling, laughing, crying and experiencing depth of emotion.

A really good movie is one I’ll watch over and over again and keep learning something new each time I watch…

An excellent movie has all those things and leaves me wanting more because it’s full of emotion, courage, adventure and heart connections. I am INSPIRED by what I’ve watched and experienced…

I recently wrote on Facebook:

I am reminded every day how precious life is…how valuable time is…how important people are and how love is the only language I want to speak…

The great thing about your life being a movie…you are also the writer, director, producer and costume designer. You create the soundtrack and you can also do the editing!

It’s all about choices and the CHOICE is yours to make.

Are you ready? Annnndddddd….ACTION!

With a smile,


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