Gifts of Gratitude

Today I am grateful.

I am grateful for sunshine as we’ve had a lot of rain in Vancouver.

I am grateful for the color of the sky because it’s a lovely shade of blue.

I am grateful for my dog sitting by my side, keeping my feet warm.

I am grateful for the hummingbirds that love this tree beside my deck. They dance in the sky and create music with their wings…

I am grateful for good friends and family. It’s amazing how a loving hug, a listening ear or words of wisdom can completely change your perspective.

I am grateful for my journal. It is a place where I dump everything without judgement.

I am grateful for change. It may not be comfortable but I don’t think the bird is comfortable in the egg once it’s outgrown the shell…it’s time to break out and learn to fly…

I am grateful for INSTINCT. It’s quiet, calm and sometimes difficult to hear but it is always correct, leading me towards a life of growth, knowledge and understanding.

I am grateful for OPPORTUNITIES sometimes disguised as hardships, challenges or “failures”.

I am grateful for LAUGHTER. I laughed so hard I cried this weekend. Connecting through laughter is such a gift.

I am grateful for a calm heart, a quiet mind and a steady trust that everything will be okay.

I am grateful for right NOW, this exact moment.


What are you grateful for today? Once you start noticing, you’ll realize how much you actually have and what you focus on, expands!

That is the GIFT OF GRATITUDE. That is the GIFT of LIFE.

With a smile,




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