Finding Your OJO – How To Connect To SELF

You may be scratching your head and wondering,

“What’s an OJO?!”

Well, it’s going to be different for everyone. I will tell you what my OJO is and what it does for me.

OJO is a method of accessing the deepest part of mySELF. It’s a way to open my heart and the very essence of who I am. Once I do that, I feel pure love, acceptance, joy and peace. OJO is a method where once you release the stress, emotions, or fear, you feel connected with yourSELF and others…some might even call it sacred.

Now, my method of finding that release, leading to the quiet, beautiful, and soul-full energy is in three-part:

1. OCEAN – The ocean feels like my soul mate. I understand that sounds corny but there is something about that large mass of water that resonates with me. When I am at the ocean, I feel safe. I feel like the ocean understands me and I can truly be myself when I am there. I can be reading, journaling, meditating, or simply sitting and observing and the ocean completely envelops me with love and acceptance. The smell calms me down. The magnitude of its beauty whether it’s a sunny day or windy day centers me. The awesome power, the quiet solitude. It is a sacred place that opens me up and allows me to feel, process and resolve. It never lets me down. It is something I can always rely on and therefore it is the first “O” of my OJO.

2. JOGGING – As I’ve mentioned before, I never exercised in my life until I reached the age of 39. Since that time jogging opened me up and exposed all the ugliness, sadness and anger. Once processed, I revealed the LOVE and HAPPINESS that was inside. I exposed mySELF through jogging. I was able to cope better with my stress, end relationships that were toxic and most importantly recognize and honor my INSTINCT. Again, it was a method for me to find mySELF, hidden amongst the pain of the past and the patterns of the now. I was able to discover what was really important to me and hear my own voice. Jogging is the “J” of my OJO.

3. ORGASM – Yes, the power of an orgasm is truly remarkable. It’s a beautiful way to connect, feel INSTINCTIVE and allow my body to feel PLEASURE. It’s physical but it’s emotional too. It’s another method to connect to the very essence of who I am and accepting, loving and appreciating that core. Honoring self. Loving self. Respecting self. It’s very powerful. At 41 years old, I am not embarrassed, ashamed, shy or insecure about my sexuality. I love it. As mentioned in THE Endorphinator, JOGGING plays an important role with my sexuality. Orgasm is the final “O” of my OJO.

So that explains my OJO…my path to SELF, so what is your way? What brings you PEACE, a deep sense of LOVE and a true APPRECIATION of all that is YOU. What ways do you express yourSELF, honour yourSELF and love yourSELF? How do you access the very core of who you are?


OJO helps you access at the deepest level your body, mind and soul in a healthy way. Maybe you add yoga to that mix…so you have a YOJO or maybe meditation for MOJO…or Soccer SOJO…see where I’m going with this?

Find your method and passionately commit to yourSELF by honoring those methods. Honoring the method will only lead you to SELF…having a connection to SELF will only lead you to LOVE, JOY and AUTHENTICITY. Those around you will only benefit.

This is the OJO promise.

Find your OJO. Embrace it. Respect it. Love it. Honour it.

With a smile,


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