Before and AFTER


  • It’s an opportunity
  • A new beginning
  • A choice
  • A celebration of life
  • A celebration of YOU

I didn’t always see the day as an opportunity or a beginning. I saw it as a chore, and oftentimes I would will myself through the day.

In my past, I was stuck in unhealthy patterns and allowed certain relationships to dictate my thoughts, values, morals and opinions. I had a voice but it was being silenced by the choices I was making.

I could blame others, but ultimately it was the lack of understanding and my continued poor choices that kept me SILENT, SAD and STUCK.

That was BEFORE, so what happened? What changed?

I made a DECISION and that decision created a SHIFT and that shift, CHANGED MY LIFE.

My inner voice said:


I was faced with the internal decision of either change my life or accept what I considered a ‘half-life’ ruled by fear, anxiety, pain and depression.

  • I wasn’t even close to reaching my potential, and I knew it.
  • I wasn’t living; I was existing at a slow rate.
  • I was an example of what happens when your spirit isn’t being heard.
  • I suffered in silence and then put on a brave face and marched through the day.

That’s tough to write because it brings a wave of emotions: I remember that life and I don’t ever want to return to it. I will do whatever it takes to keep this life I now lead: celebrating JOY, GRATITUDE, and AUTHENTICITY, honoring my INSTINCT and living in TRUTH.

What I know based on my experience is you can make a DECISION, create a SHIFT and then experience the incredible, FULL feeling LOVE, JOY and GRATITUDE brings to your life.

My eBook, “The Decision” is officially available today. This book openly tells the story of where I was BEFORE and where I am AFTER. I share deeply painful experiences and how I dealt with that pain. I share STEPS on how YOU can sustain JOY, and find your SELF despite relationship stress or money issues. I used to feel so weak and insignificant but now I feel a quiet STRENGTH and a heart full of JOY. I share how a seemingly random goal SAVED MY LIFE.

My intention with this book is to inspire, motivate and help you see another way of living that is not only possible but totally achievable!

I don’t want you to buy the book if you aren’t ready. Keep reading my blog, seek other sites, books or inspirational stories until you are ready to commit to your well-being…but know that YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT whether it’s the time it takes to write in a journal, talk to a trusted friend or read “The Decision”.

It’s not about me, it’s about YOU.

My goal is simply to share, inspire, support you and then watch you FLY.

This book has taken over a year to get to you…but it took me decades to live it and find my peace…

THANK YOU for reading this blog and sharing it with others. I appreciate YOU and your loyalty to this site.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy

My promise to you: I live what I speak and will continue to write what I learn.

From my heart to yours,


PS. To purchase “The Decision” just simply click on the button on the top right corner or click HERE.


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